Worth A Thousand Words!

Mar 14, 2013 | 3 comments

Greg Rogers' Drawing of Oysterville StoreMy article about Greg Rogers and his ideas for the “new” Oysterville Store ran in yesterday’s Chinook Observer.  I was pleased to see that it began on the front page – right on the fold, to be sure, but still attention-getting with its headline, “Back to old business in Oysterville” and “Greg Rogers reopens the Oysterville Store” as the sub-head.

The article is word-for-word as written which is always a bit worrisome.  No one to blame for any mis-statements or factual errors.  I haven’t had any feedback about it yet, not even from Greg – also worrisome.  However, as I re-read my pearls of thought, I felt pretty good about it.  Greg sounds like the kind of guy you’d like to meet (he is!) and the store sounds like a place you want to be for its Memorial Weekend opening!

My only disappointment was that Greg’s drawing of the store’s interior did not accompany the article, probably because of space limitations.  Greg is known world-wide for his drawings.  It’s not that he is a visual artist in the usual sense of things.  He is an interior designer, specializing in furniture and lighting.

Unlike others in his profession, he hasn’t segued into using CAD (computer-aided design) programs.  He does it the old-fashioned way with “pencils, erasers and whiteout.”   According to neighbor Bradley Huson, himself a designer, Greg may be the only top designer on the planet who still actually draws.

So I thought it was a real coup when Greg offered me a sketch of his concept for what the inside of the store will look like – a sneak peek at what is happening behind the closed door and drawn curtains right now, as we speak.  I really thought that it would get far more attention by the newspaper than my article would.  But… no.

And then I thought, thought I, “Aha!  One more reason that I have a blog.  I can still share that visual thousand words with my readers.”  Not that my readership approaches that of the Observer.  But, still…


  1. Greg

    So much fun having my first-ever interview with you, Sydney. Please do feel free to tell people that the store isn’t listing that much! lol.

  2. Nancy

    As one of the many non-residents of Oysterville who enjoys the ambiance of the village and who has always included a trip to the Oysterville Store…anticipation is building and plans are being made for a trip!

  3. Stephanie Frieze

    I haven’t been in the Oysterville Store in years and look forward to the grand re-opening!


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