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Mar 13, 2013 | 1 comment

Just about the time our musicians were about to arrive for the House Comcert Sunday, there was a little tapping at our dining room window.  I looked out and, sure enough, their van was just pulling in, but that didn’t explain what I’d heard.  It took me a moment to notice the handsome, vaguely familiar man standing nearby and looking my way.

John Hampson House 2006A few beats went by before I figured out that it was Mark, our neighbor to the north.  I hadn’t seen him for five or six years and, all together, I’ve actually spoken with him maybe four times in the ten years he’s owned the property.  There’s good reason for that,  Mark shares his interest in the house next door with Cristen who lives in Portland; Mark lives in Costa Rica.

He was in Oysterville for the weekend with his new bride and wanted to say “hello.”  That’s just about all we could manage because in his wake came a parade of singers, music stands, hugs and confusion.  There were introductions and an invitation to come back for the concert and then Mark disappeared – probably for another five years I thought.  I held out a bit of hope, though, that he would bring his wife to the concert.

That didn’t happen, but Mark did come to our door twice more that day.  The first time he brought two large ziplock bags full (really full) of Neighborly Bountycrab, cooked, cleaned and ready to eat.  Nine of them!  What a fabulous gift!  I put them in the refrigerator way to the back lest they become confused with the potluck food that was coming in for our after-concert supper.  (Not that I’m greedy, of course.  It’s just that while nine crab are a bounty for two, they wouldn’t go far for thirty!)

But Mark wasn’t through.  About two minutes before concert time, he was back.  This time his proffered plastic bag contained a limit of razor clams, also cleaned and ready for cooking.  OMG!  The crab had garnered a hug from me.  This unexpected sequel got a hug and a buss on the cheek.  What a generous guy!  What a great neighbor.

The next day we had the clams for a pig-out lunch, just the two of us.  And that night we invited friends Pat and Erik to share our feast of cracked crab.  On a scale of one to ten, Mark is off the charts… to say nothing of the crab and clams!

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  1. Jo

    What a fabulous surprise! Definitely a feast!


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