The Final Go-‘Round – No Pressure!

Mar 15, 2013 | 3 comments

Correcting ProofsWhen I made my ‘great big noisy fuss’ á la Ramona Quimby ten days ago, I earned myself a second set of proofs for my upcoming book Legendary Locals of the Long Beach Peninsula.  They arrived in a pdf (portable document format) file via email late Wednesday and I have until Tuesday morning to make the final corrections and return it.  No Pressure.

Under ‘ordinary circumstances’ that should be plenty of time to go through the 128-page book (22,071 words/179 photographs) with a fine-toothed comb.  But, of course, whose circumstances are ever ordinary?  A quick check of my calendar revealed that every day is clotted up with something – a meeting yesterday morning, a haircut this morning, a medical appointment for Nyel this afternoon…  And so it goes.

The weekend looks much better.  But the Grand Re-Opening of the Ocean Park Timberland Library is tomorrow.  And the Peninsula Quilt Guild’s annual quilt show is at the Columbia Pacific Heritage Museum today, Saturday and Sunday only.  Granted, these should be optional sorts of events but, somehow, they don’t feel that way.  Not only do we want to go, we feel some urgency about it.  After all, we have friends involved in all of the above and attending things of this nature is what living in a small community is all about.

So, as usual, I’m working “around the edges.”  There was a time when I could spend a few round-the-clock days and get it done, but I’ve finally reached an accommodation with the knowledge that my mind goes into Relaxation Mode about the time the chickens go to bed.  So… No Pressure.

Book CoverFortunately, the most blatant errors of the first proofs have been taken care of.  But there are still some whopping mistakes, to say nothing of the subtle inconsistencies of style and weird grammatical imponderables – sometimes a matter of my way or theirs.  (And we all know who will come out on top in those instances.  As my first publisher told me back in the 1960s, “Sydney, writers are a dime a dozen.  There’s always another author available if you can’t do it our way.”  Not that I think that applies directly in the current case, but…)

All in all, though, the book is looking great and  I’m tempted to let myself get excited about it.  I think it is full of interesting stories about fabulous people – people from long ago, people we remember, people we know.  But before I get carried away, I have a deadline to meet…  No Pressure!


  1. Nancy

    Sydney: Perhaps your first publisher was correct when he reminded you that writers are a dime a dozen, but, look at his statement in another way: With YOU as the author, the publisher gets a dozen writers for his dime! The publisher has, in your configured words, the life experience of the Espys, the Littles, of a woman who grew up in the Bay Area of California, spent summers in O’Ville, walked the hallowed halls at Stanford, gave of her considerable talents to hundreds of students, was Washington State’s Teacher of the Year, a performer, both on and off the stage, a true friend to many… I agree that I only mentioned some of your many aspects, but I wonder if the publisher mentioned gagged on his own words. Don’t forget the words to the song that Frank Sinatra sings….

  2. Stephanie Frieze

    Sydney, I sometimes feel that my schedule is exhausting, but reading about your makes me tired! I can’t wait for the book.

  3. Caroline Miller

    Glad to read you’re being so productive. Feels good, right?


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