The Day After

Oct 17, 2016 | 1 comment

Scott Cossu and Lonnie Mardis

Scott Cossu and Lonnie Mardis

It’s dark outside – probably an hour or so before first light.  I hear rain on the roof but no stirring in the rooms upstairs.  Scott Cossu and Lonnie Mardis, last evening’s house concert musicians, are not yet stirring and, heaven knows, they have earned their rest!  What a fabulous concert it was!  Our old piano will never be the same!  (Of course, I’ve said that after each of Scott’s performances here and, somehow, he manages to coax it into more magical output with every visit.  This was his third.)

However, our guests are on notice.  Breakfast – Jayne Bailey’s scones and Nyel’s granola – in the dining room at seven.  We are out of here at eight ayem sharp and on our way to Portland for the first of Nyel’s post-op cardiac appointments.  He is feeling fine and we are looking forward to a good report.

Usually on the day after a house concert or other event we’ve hosted here in the house, there is a bit of a let-down.  Not so this time.  I think that feeling is tempered by the relief that the ‘big storm’ is over.  Or is it that the anticipation is over?  As our concert guests discussed their weather experiences of the last few days, the opinions varied greatly as to what exactly had happened here on the Peninsula as we prepared for ‘the biggest storm yet recorded.’  Those predicted 150 mph winds were more like 35 mph.  Thank goodness!

"Safe in Your Arms"

“Safe in Your Arms”

Most people felt we had dodged a bullet and were happy that we had been forewarned.  They had felt prepared and expressed gratitude that they are now better prepared for the inevitably storms ahead of us this winter. The few people who talked about tree branches that had fallen near their houses were, understandably, more inclined to think the weather forecasters were close to the mark when they predicted “typhoon.”  A few worried that the wolf-wolf effect will take hold and people will blow off the next dire warnings.  And almost everybody turned their thoughts toward North Carolina and said “there but for the grace of God…”

Scott’s latest recording, “Safe in Your Arms” will be our accompaniment on the road today.  Wonderful music!  Wonderful sentiment!  Perfect for this day and this place.

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  1. Stephanie Frieze

    So glad that we wete all safe in someone’s arms and sorry to have missed Scott. Did he tell jokes during drink&drain?


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