Not Up To Expectations

Oct 16, 2016 | 1 comment

According to the forecasts...

According to the forecasts…

Late yesterday, Jim Sayce’s FaceBook entry said, “I SURVIVED TYPHOON IDLE.”  That captured our first ‘big’ storm of the year to perfection!  The last several days will be memorable but not especially for the usual blustery reasons.

It’s not that there wasn’t rain.  There was.  And a lot of it, puddling up in our lower meadow and in the lane and behind the church.  And there was wind – but not the kind that forces you to crawl on hands and knees like the old-timers talked about.  There was thunder and there was lightning, too, which is not always part of our biggest storms.  But, somehow, the totality did not live up to expectations.

Looking East on Clay Street

Looking East on Clay Street

Perhaps we will remember this storm by other markers.  For one thing, since it’s fairly early in the year (the storm year, that is) it hasn’t been very cold.  Whatever wind there was didn’t chill to the bone or whistle through the cracks.  Plus, we didn’t lose power; our lights and heat stayed on throughout.  And, at least in this household, there were more phone calls from faraway friends and relatives asking if we were all right – more calls than ever before in our history on the Peninsula.

We have also been aware of all the people (full-timers and visitors, alike) who left before the storm could gather force.  Conversely, several people we know cancelled plans to come to the Peninsula, fearing the condition of roads and worried about difficult conditions once they got here.

Red House Cousins Enjoying the Wind

Red House Cousins Enjoying the Wind

But strangest of all in our personal storm annals, was the phone call from my cousin Abby in Seattle who said she and family were coming to the Red House to do some storm-watching!  They wanted to go outside and take their photos for this year’s Christmas card!!  They not only arrived safely and accomplished their mission but thought the storm was “awesome” and came over for a great visit, besides!

So far, anyway, my thoughts about this storm are  confused and tending to a write-off as “total media hype.”  Presumably, there are gale-force winds still ‘scheduled’ to arrive until two o’clock this afternoon.  After that?  I think “it” might be officially over.  I hope so.  We are hosting a house concert this afternoon and I’d hate for the storm to detract from the music.

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  1. Betty LeFevre

    Happy to hear you’re ok. I did think of you and wonder if you were in the path of the storm. I agree that often it’s more of a media event, and there is no “there” there. But glad you’re safe and still blogging!


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