Sweet Relief

Mar 24, 2017 | 1 comment

Early Nahcotta

On Wednesday, against all odds, I presented a Power Point Program, “Peninsula Settlement” to the Community Historian group at the Columbia Heritage Museum. And I do mean “against all odds.” Just as I began to put the presentation together – which photos in which order with what titles and what subtitles, my computer screen went black. Or maybe it was royal blue. Then, marching across the screen came the white letters: Microsoft Windows Update. Say what???

It was seven a-frigging-o’clock at night. Prime time for computer business. MY computer business. And, sure enough, along flashed something, faster than my eyes could focus, about the unusual time of the update. I’ve never actually seen one in progress before; I think they must happen in the middle of the night. Not that I saw this one either – mostly a continuous warning not to turn off my computer.

Two hours later, it was done – presumably updated. I thought I could work a few hours, then sleep fast for that four a.m. alarm so that we could get Nyel to the hospital in time for his ablation. And while in the waiting room, I could continue working. After all, I had days and days yet. But come to find out, during this long, mysterious ‘updating’ process, my computer had had a stroke. It no longer had the space bar function of the use of the first four number keys. And who knew what else.

Isaac and MaryAnn Whealdon

For days I stewed and fumed and figured ways to work around the problem. Hours went by – scary hours with Nyel on the operating table for nine of them and then the interminable days of his recovery interspersed with the inevitable setbacks. My computer continued to function by fits and starts. I tried not to think of it as a metaphor for Nyel’s situation….

By Wednesday, I had a sixty-minute program ready to present with only a few glitches that my community historian colleagues gently pointed out. They get high marks for ‘editing!’ And they were so complimentary with many suggestions that I “take it on the road.” Actually, I’m thinking about it. Perhaps I could do one of those Salt programs down at the Port of Ilwaco next year. The teacher in me would love to explain to an audience the whys and wherefores that answer the perennial question from newcomers: “Why can’t all the communities on the beach cooperate on …” this or that project.? Oh my. Let me count the ways.

Ocean Park’s “All Boy Players”

And so many stories – about John Douglas who died with his boots on. Literally. Or Isaac Whealdon who had to choose between his church and the devil in the music box. Or how about the Kola brothers who, in their youth, had a disagreement about green paint and never spoke to one another again, though they fished from the same gillnet boat for the rest of their lives. Yep. I’m thinking about taking it on the road!

Meanwhile, I get my replacement computer today. Definitely not a metaphor for anything.  Nyel would be the first to tell you that I can still push all of his buttons as usual….

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  1. Jane E Smith

    I have to admit that I was so relieved to hear that your absence from your blog was due to your computer. I hope the replacement computer is reliable and relieves that phase of stress from your life. One of these days when we are in Long Beach I hope to meet you.



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