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Mar 23, 2017 | 1 comment

It’s been one of ‘those’ weeks… Consequently, no blogging, no emailing, no response from this end to all the concerned questions from friends and fans. So, though it’s a bit out of my usual blog character – if blogs can be considered to have such an attribute – I will try to recap the past seven or eight days in some sort of staccato, shorthand fashion.

WEDNESDAY, MARCH 13th – To Portland for CT Scan and Dr. appt. for Nyel. Motel check-in. Tried to get head start on blog. Interrupted by a “Windows Update” at 7 p.m. after which my computer had lost the function of the space bar and the 1, 2, 3, 4 keys. Everythinglookedlikethis (and dates like 1854 came out 85 and 1881 came out 88) which was not conducive to blogging or, more importantly, to working on a Power Point presentation for the Community Historian Class scheduled for March 21st. Stewed about that for way too long – till about 2:00 and discovered…Too.time.consuming.and.unsatisfactory.

THURSDAY, MARCH 14thUp at 4:00 for early check-in at Emanuel Hospital where Nyel is scheduled for an ablation – probably a four to five hour procedure. I aborted my plan to work on my presentation in the waiting room – too tired to think well. Nyel’s procedure took nine full hours!!! Good results said doctor. Nyel groggy with sore throat and rough voice (from breathing tube) but otherwise, comfortable. I was provided a cot in his room for the night.

FRIDAY, MARCH 15th – Drove home at noon with doctor’s orders and prescriptions to fill. Called Mike’s Computers and Mark took a look at my computer remotely – Too involved for a quick fix; arranged to take computer in on Tuesday. Nyel weak but otherwise feeling “okay.”

SATURDAY, MARCH 16th – Worked all day on Power Point presentation by copying phrases in old documents, cutting and pasting them onto Power Point template, typing over the words and saving the spaces. Onerous but do-able. Errands, grocery shopping, house set-up for tomorrow’s House Concert. Nyel about the same – up and dressed, but taking it very easy.

SUNDAY, MARCH 17th – Fine-tuned (read dusted, cleaned bathroom) for House Concert and used spare moments to finish up Power Point program. Musicians, The Winterlings, arrived at 3:00 to set up. Audience (37 people) began arriving at 3:30. Concert from 4:00 to 6:00ish followed by potluck dinner. The Winterlings did not stay overnight as expected so we crashed fairly early after putting house back together. Nyel was a bit tired but said he was ‘okay,’

MONDAY, MARCH 18th – Nyel not well today – quite fatigued, short of breath, dizzy when standing, shaky when walking. Contacted doctor; adjusted meds. Betwixt and between, Nyel napped and I fine-tuned my Power Point presentation.

TUESDAY, MARCH 19th – Nyel feeling considerably better. We met friends in Astoria for a belated birthday celebration for me (we were in the hospital back on ‘the’ day, Feb. 28th). Dropped my computer off at Mike’s and learned that they had just received another computer, same make as mine that had developed the same problem on the same day after a Microsoft Windows update! Hmmm. Stopped at Heritage Museum to transfer my Power Point presentation from my thumb drive to their computer. Discussed pros and cons of repairing my computer with Mike Challis. After consultation with Nyel, decided to upgrade to a new laptop. Don’t know when it will be set up and available for pick up. ‘Rehearsed’ my script for tomorrow. Am ready… more-or-less. Nyel shaky, dizzy, but stronger.

WEDNESDAY, MARCH 22nd – Nyel feeling better but taking it easy. Presentation (66 slides/100+ historic photos) was exactly an hour with only one or two serious glitches – a minor miracle under the circumstances. Out to lunch with Maggie. Home to find Nyel feeling “okay” but ready for a nap.

TODAY, THURSDAY, MARCH 23rd – Nyel feeling good enough to attend Schoolhouse talk today.   Yay!!!
Figured out how to post from my blog from his computer…maybe.

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  1. Caroline Miller

    Thaks for the update. I was beginning to think my computer wasn’t picking up your bogs. Well, now I know why. What a week you’ve had!


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