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Mar 25, 2017 | 1 comment

I feel like it’s my birthday, Christmas and an Easter Egg Hunt all wrapped into one!  A new FAAAST computer sits on my desk.  And what’s more I’ve managed to jump every registry and password hurdle without too much angst and, so far anyway, I don’t see any huge glitches on my desktop or even behind those cheerful icons.  Everything is where it should be and all is right with my world.  Let the blogging begin!!

But first a huge shout-out to Mike Challis and his amazing crew – especially Mark who, with consummate patience and good cheer, answered every stupid question I had.  And, as a veteran of 39 years in primary classrooms, I can tell you with complete assurance, there ARE stupid questions!  You’d think that an old duck such as myself, who got her first computer back in the dark ages of DOS – it was 1982, before Microsoft Word was on the market – would not feel so insecure about technology.  But… I do and I am.  Thank goodness there is help right down the road.

I wish I could rattle off all the specs – the RAM and the Gigabytes etc. –  of this little laptop.  Yes, little.  I specifically asked for one that did not have that scary looking number pad next to the keyboard.  I don’t do numbers more than I can help it and, unlike Nyel and other banking types, I can’t go tap tap tap and add up a column of figures without so much as a hiccup.  Words, yes.  Numbers, no.  So… this laptop is smaller and slimmer.  A role model.

Also, lighter weight.  Because all those software programs and other add-ons can now be downloaded and charged to your credit card with no trouble at all (YIKES!), new laptop models are apparently coming without DVD/CD players.  They are no longer needed and without them, laptops are slimmer and weigh less.  And faster than my fingers can keep up with!

So, there you have it.  Back to blogging.  Back to researching.  Back to catching up and fine-tuning a book or two.

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  1. Janice Leonard

    Thank God you are back up and running! When I don’t see your daily blog , my mind starts to wonder why!


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