Such Great Stories About Wrecks’n’Rescues!

Apr 6, 2024 | 0 comments

L to R — Michael Lemeshko, Phil Allen, Doug Knutzen, Sydney Stevens — all speakers at the April History Forum

If you weren’t at the Oysterville Schoolhouse Wednesday morning, or even if you were, be sure to check out the youtube presentation of the Pacific County History Forum 4-3-2024.  Such great stories!  Among those who attended were a couple of Willapa Bay Artists in Residence, one of whom wrote afterwards:   Thank you so much for the heads up on the History Forum today. I found it so interesting and informative. What a unique gathering of minds and memories. 

And,  if you are in Oysterville within the next few days, look over the fence into our yard (or walk down the lane for a bit) and check out our old pear tree that is in full bloom and is really quite spectacular.  Kathleen Davies was going to come by yesterday or today to take its picture for her Heritage Fruit Tree Project.  I’m not sure how old the tree is, but my mother said it has “always” been there which I take to mean that it was planted by the Crellins shortly after they built the house in 1869.  I believe that it was one of a number of fruit trees that were planted in that southeastern part of the yard — “the orchard” my grandmother called that area, though I don’t remember any other fruit trees there during my lifetime.

Our Pear Tree – April 5, 2024

In any event, Kathleen has been taking pictures of the tree at each stage of its development.  It does still give us fruit –pears (bosc I think) as hard as rocks.  The birds don’t even try them — they seem to know that they are beak-benders.  My grandmother, then my mother, then Nyel, all used my grandmother’s recipe for pickled pears which, in my opinion, helps them not one little bit.  The deer seem to like them, though, (the raw ones, not the pickled ones) and I long ago told them to come and eat their fill.

And, still along the lines of heritage and history, the Pacific County Historical Society’s annual meeting will be held in Raymond on April 14th with Roy Nott as guest speaker.   Roy told about his 40 years with Weyerhauser — many of those years in our Naselle area — at our February Forum on Logging.  That’s where Steve Rogers, PCHS President, met him and prevailed upon him to share some of his stories and information in an upcoming Sou’wester as well as at the Raymond gathering.   Yay Steve!  Yay Roy!  Yay History Forum!







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