It’s all about perspective!

Apr 5, 2024 | 0 comments

Oysterville Sky, Thursday Evening, April 4th — Photo by Cyndy Hayward

Truth to tell… I completely missed this fabulous sunset sky last night.  My neighbor, Cyndy, often walks her dog along the bayside path in front of our house and last evening, this was her spectacular reward!  And mine, too — vicariously.  I was actually in the kitchen and the windows look out at the church in the same direction but, apparently, the perspective was all wrong.  My view showed a small patch of dark blue sky with white clouds but mostly the darkening woods behind the church.  Obviously, it pays to go out, back off, and look up!

Getting the picture in my mail this morning was a good reminder about sorting out what’s important and what’s not — all of which, ultimately depends upon your perspective.  It’s that glass half-empty-half-full thing.  And, of course, it’s necessary to put yourself in a position to have a bit of perspective in the first place.  I think that’s what some of us elders forget to do sometimes.

Understandable, yes.  Our sight dims.  Our hearing fades.  Our mobility becomes more difficult.  And somehow our perspective becomes oh so much more all-about-us.  (And do I hear Nyel’s voice saying softly, “Speak for yourself, Sydney.”)  Never did he actually say that, but always his vision was outward, not inward.  Without his daily example, I am even more appreciative of the gentle reminders from my friends and loved ones.  Thank you, Cyndy (and Mimi), for a renewed perspective!



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