About ten days from now…

Apr 7, 2024 | 0 comments

I spent an hour or so this morning with my new webmaster, fine-tuning and double-checking my soon-to-be-revealed updated website.  I really like it and hope you will, too.  It is very much simpler than the present site — just three main parts, really — A short welcome/introduction from me (which you can skip if you already know me!) my blogsite, and a section about my books — descriptions, where they can be purchased etc. which you can also skip.  My blog will still be accessible on Facebook or directly from my Website each day.  AND, you will be able to search on any of my previous blogs by entering a single word (any word you remember — like “chickens”) and up will come every blog in which that word was used!  Wow!

As I think about that particular feature, I’m wondering how many discrepancies in my information we’ll find.  I know for a fact that over the fourteen years I’ve been blogging, I’ve learned new historical facts and have probably incorporated them into newer blogs.  So, the question is: do I go back and correct earlier “mistakes” or leave them as an example of how continued research helps you fine-tune the historic picture? I imagine it will be a case-by-case decision and I hope that some of the history buffs among my readers can help me out with the “consistency versus evolution” discrepancies as they make themselves known!

The website, overall, is simpler and less-cluttered feeling – or at least it seems so to me.  I can scarcely wait until the unveiling to learn what you think!  Bottom line, of course — my blog, The Oysterville Daybook, will remain much as it has always been except for the ‘search’ enhancement.  I think we are scheduled to go “live” around the 17th of April.  Fingers crossed!



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