Sometimes it’s complicated!

Mar 8, 2024 | 2 comments

Well, today was one of “those” days when I (once again) suspected that I was losing it — probably It with a capital I which is the part that I seem to be losing.  But, it turned out all right, so that’s the bottom line that I’ll keep in mind. Once again.

It all began when I received a lovely note from my friend Patricia Moss.  She has moved out of the area and was going to be here visiting for a few hours on the Peninsula.  Against that end, she arranged with Colleen at Tapestry Rose to “reserve” a corner in the back room where her friends could drop by and see her during the early afternoon.  Great idea, thought I, and wrote that I’d try to get in for a quick hug and catch-up around one.

Meanwhile… and isn’t this where things always get complicated? — I needed to be at the Hospital in Ilwaco for a “procedure” around 11 and thought it would be the perfect time to meet with my friend Patricia Fagerland for a bite of lunch afterwards.  (Can you see the problem building?)  So I wrote to Patricia F. and suggested a meeting place at 11:45-ish and sent off my email.

When I didn’t get a confirmation from Patricia F. about our lunch date, I went back to double check that I had sent it.  (That seems to be a recent trick, either of mine or of the computer — my “sent” documents end up in my “drafts” waiting patiently.)  But, no.  I had sent the message to… drum beat… Patricia Moss!  So. now what?  I wrote Patricia Moss, hoping she’ll disregard the lunch note and that I’ll be able to keep my “date” with her at Colleen’s.  And I wrote to Patricia F saying I’d see her around noon for lunch.  Lordy, Lordy!

Of course, I tell myself that if one were a “Pat” rather than both being Patricias, I could (perhaps) cope better.  But being a Sydney and definitely NOT a “Syd” I try to respect people’s name preferences.  So… I proceeded with my day to see what would transpire.  My back-up plan was to call Patricia M. if it looked like I’d be running late… and about the time I got to the hospital, I realized that I hadn’t brought my phone with me.  Lordy!  Lordy!  No phone.  No contact information.  No phone booths or phone books or back-up plan that I could think of.

So… I forged ahead, got out of the hospital early, drove to Patricia F’s and suggested we go to lunch a bit earlier than planned.  (Maybe I could still make it to Colleen’s in time… or at least by 1:30.)  We were just tucking into lunch when one of the workers came to our table with a phone and told me there was a call for me.  (How did she know my name?)  And on the other end was Patricia M. saying that she was in Astoria and our date was for tomorrow, not today!  WOW!

P.S.  My lunch with Patricia F. turned out to be in honor of my recent birthday!  It was so so fun!  And thanks to those birthday gods smiling on me, I enjoyed it all with a clear conscience about my confusion.


  1. Pam

    Whew!! So glad it all turned out well. Does Patricia F. still have the unique and wonderful shop in Astoria?

    • sydney

      Pat sold the shop a year or so ago, but it still exists. I’ll leave it to you to decide if it”s still so “unique” and wonderful!


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