God willin’ an’ the snow don’t fall…

Mar 7, 2024 | 0 comments


In three days, Daylight Savings Time begins.  In twelve days, Spring begins.  And I am SO ready!

Every time I’m out and about, I seem to acquire more seed packets.  The brighter the colors, the less my resistance!  I bring them home knowing full well that I am WAY early weather-wise and that I must work on cultivating patience rather than garden flowers.

More Color!

My friends remind me that it’s not the first March that has had a seemingly inordinate amount of frosty, slushy, even downright snowy weather.  But… somehow, I’ve forgotten.  March is supposed to be the time when we begin getting ready for the delights to come.  We’ve already cut and enjoyed most of the daffodils.  We’ve given the camelias and rosebuds up to the deer.  ENOUGH say I.  Bring on the sun and the warmth and the joys of Spring!















































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