Surprises and Fun All Day Long!

Mar 9, 2024 | 0 comments

Nancy Lloyd – Photo by Andy Dolan c. 2003

Today was the day that I was to Get Things Done.  It said so on my calendar in my own handwriting.  And so I did — but not at all as expected!

At the top of my list was to call my old friend Nancy Lloyd which I did, but had to leave a message.  Then I spent three or four good productive hours writing before going to Colleen’s to meet with another friend, Patricia Moss.  She has moved and this is the first time we’ve managed to catch up with one another in many months.  We had no sooner hugged and settled in with a cup of coffee than Nancy called and I had to beg off and tell her I’d call later.

Patricia Moss, Art Historian

Great “catch-up” with Patricia — hearing about her latest art sleuthing projects and, as always, being blown away by her meticulous research in her work as an Art Detective.  (Well, that’s what I call her, though I’m sure there is a proper and more academic title for her job.)  I always feel inspired by her single-minded dedication and, as usual when we parted, I was filled with resolve for getting right back to work.

But first… I headed south to Long Beach to the Performing Arts Center to see Spud Siegel and the Snakeskinners. Sandy Bradley, one of the band members, had called me earlier in the day to ask if I was coming  (No. Gormless, as usual.  And, yes if there was still room.  And yes, again, if I didn’t mind sharing a table with her brother.)

From The Bottom: Spud, Mick, Sandy, George

I was greeted at the door with a big hug from Spud and a request to do a House Concert here in Oysterville again next Fall.  Wow!  Details to be worked out later.  The last time he played here, he was with Mary Flower; next time it will probably be with one of the other Snakeskinners.  In addition to Spud on the mandolin and Sandy on guitar, the group includes Mick Doherty on hammer dulcimer and George Penk on fiddle.  Only Spud and Mick sing.  And I meant to ask George if he always performs barefoot, but I forgot.  Most of their numbers were Irish in deference to Saint Patrick’s Day — or perhaps they bill themselves as an Irish Band but from the smattering of non-Irish music they played, I doubt it.  They are totally eclectic and multi-national.

It was a fabulous evening and, despite pouring rain, glaring headlights, and pitch black surroundings, I made it home safely.  I called Nancy immediately, but no luck.  I hope I did not miss my opportunity entirely when I had to postpone things earlier today.





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