Lovely Little Linda

Jul 17, 2012 | 2 comments

Last week my new friend Linda came calling.  She arrived at my door wearing a bright pink hat and new pink shoes to match.  She brought with her a copy of Dear Medora and her Grandma Stephanie.  Shyly she asked for my autograph.

Linda has just completed second grade.  She and I have met on several occasions, the most memorable being when she was here at a House Concert and accidentally locked herself in the bathroom.  I was called to the rescue and Linda and I became acquainted through the door which turned out to be more stuck than locked.  Nevertheless, I was the heroine of the moment and it’s always nice to be a heroine.

According to her grandmother, Linda has recently become quite interested in history.  She likes visiting museums and asks lots of questions about when long-ago things happened.  On a visit to the Columbia Pacific Heritage Museum last week she spied some of my books and decided that Dear Medora was the one for her. She might be my youngest fan and I was thrilled to write in her book.

As we talked, I mentioned that she would recognize some of the pictures in the book – things that she had seen in the house – and right away she found a photograph of the old clock perched on the mantle just a few feet away from where we were sitting.  I thought we might look through the pages for other nearby objects – a treasure hunt of sorts – but instead we turned to the subject of shoes.

“They twirl,” she said when I admired her new pink ones.  And she pointed out the round “twirly thing” on the sole of her left shoe.

“Show me,” I said, and we went out onto the wooden porch and Linda twirled.  Wow!  I have yet to recover from shoes that light up at every step.  And now they twirl almost all by themselves.  I was impressed.

We talked about how they would work with her twirly skirt (which I haven’t seen but have heard about.)  And, as we said our “goodbyes” and “come-agains,” I thought about the part of teaching that I miss the most – kids!   Kids that are just about Linda’s age and are just beginning to understand the world before and beyond themselves.  Kids that have new pink twirly shoes and maybe a missing tooth or two.

I do hope lovely little Linda comes calling next time she visits Grandma Stephanie.


  1. Nancy

    Back to yesterday’s guests, Linda’s visit with Grandma Stephanie….As I read about it, I imaged myself (a great trick of my trained mind) onto Territory Road and then into the house. Sitting and standing, I lived vicariously with all of you! We had kids in our home yesterday too! What a joy to to be a part of the magical time of young lives “just beginning to understand the world before and beyond themselves”….Loved reading about your visitors. Ours will be with us until Friday! Hooray!

  2. Linda J

    Sweet! Linda will remember that visit forever.


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