Soul-Soothing Moments

Jul 16, 2012 | 1 comment

Dave Drury in Oysterville

As the gentle notes of Dave Drury’s acoustic guitar washed over us at yesterday’s vesper service, I was only vaguely aware of my surroundings.  The windows behind him revealed the green leaves of the alders, unmoving in a gentle rain.  All around me were people as quietly attentive as I.  Pastor Adrienne Strehlow called the music “soul soothing.”

“These are what I think of as God moments,” she said.  And I knew what she meant.

Yesterday, I had no vesper duties and it was tempting to take advantage of that situation to work in the garden or finish up some writing.  Instead, I walked over to the church and, as is always the case when I make that choice, I felt the better for it when I walked back an hour or so later.

A God moment or a soul-soothing moment or simply a time-out-of-mind… whatever way you choose to see it, the summer Sunday afternoon services are a time of renewal.  Often there are surprises and yesterday was no exception.

For one thing, Bud Goulter was in attendance.  In all my years at vespers I had never seen him there before.  I asked him about it afterwards and, in typical Bud fashion, he gave me a completely non sequitur answer.  “I can’t hear,” he said.  Go figure.

Another surprise was Brian O’Connor’s participation.  It was a surprise to Brian, too!  Just before Dave began to play “Moondance” in answer to a request, he spotted Brian in the audience and asked him if he’d like to sing it with him.  Brian hesitated for only half a beat and then joined Dave for this final vespers number.

That, in itself, was inspiring.  As a non-musical person, I am always a bit awestruck at how musicians can ‘magically’ interact.  It’s a communication and connection that goes beyond my understanding.  That they can do this spontaneously and in front of an audience is a bit mind-boggling.  And that I know both Brian and Dave seemed to be icing on my vespers cake.

If asked, I doubt that I could put all of yesterday’s soul-soothing pieces into a coherent whole.  Nevertheless, it was the sort of Sunday afternoon that will keep me going back.  And despite Bud’s answer to my question, I wouldn’t be surprised to see him back there, too.

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  1. Kitt

    Vespers was magical. A calm came over me with the words of Pastor Strehlow and the beautiful music of Dave’s guitar. The service ended way too soon, but such a perfect ending with Brian singing “Moondance”. My friends and I left with such joy. Thank you again for a very special afternoon.


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