William’s Pride

Jul 18, 2012 | 2 comments

One of the (many) things that has escaped our attention thus far this summer is thinning the apples on the trees in the south garden.  One of them, called “William’s Pride,” is absolutely loaded and I am worried that the bowing branches may actually break under the weight.

I should say that I am worried when I notice.  Like other things that need doing around here, I seem to have selective vision.  I see the weeds or the dust or the droopy flower arrangements only at times when I am rushing around doing something infinitely more important.

I thought about that phenomenon the other day at Vespers.  There is a huge cobweb in the corner of the window behind the dais that I only seem to remember at times when I cannot disrupt things to take care of it.  It has been there for weeks.  Did I rush right up there after the service and fix it?  Of course not.  The thought had once again escaped me entirely.

This matter of single-minded focus must be yet another symptom of an aging mind.  No longer can I keep all the proverbial balls in the air at the same time.  So far, those random thoughts that require immediate action (like “Tea?  Teakettle?  OMG!  I turned it on and got distracted…”) seem to come to mind in time to avoid disaster.  But it’s worrisome.

We chose William’s Pride in honor of my dad, William Little, who delighted in this garden and was definitely an “apple-a-day” kind of man.  It would be a travesty if our neglect caused the tree damage.  Maybe today will be apple thinning day.  But first, I do need to take care of that cobweb at the church… Just as soon as I figure out what’s whistling in the kitchen.


  1. Nancy

    Oh, Sydney….loved this! I may be “the elder” (of the two of us) by two months, but we are living in the same mode; even the cobweb which I notice – phone rings…

  2. Jean stamper

    Boy do I relate to this one,right down to the cobwebs and whistling kettle. I do the “water run over in the sink” really well too.


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