It’s raining, it’s pouring in Oysterville!

Nov 2, 2012 | 0 comments

It’s been raining steadily and sometimes heavily here in Oysterville for the better part of a week.  As usually happens when we get a lot of rain with few breaks, the ground quickly becomes saturated and the “Lakes of Winter” form throughout the village.

One of the biggest of those temporary bodies of water is located in our lower meadow and is clearly visible out our east windows.  Ducks and geese gather there throughout the rainy season and it is the setting for constant activity among the waterfowl population…  and a source of continual entertainment for us.

From our west windows we can glimpse another of Oysterville’s Great Lakes which appears consistently behind the church.  It must be too far from the bay to be of interest to Mallards or Black Brant, but occasionally a seagull flies over from the ocean and checks it out.

It’s always interesting to me that even though the ocean is just a mile away, we seldom see gulls over on the bay side.  If they arrive in any numbers, it usually means a storm is on its way.  I was happy to see only two yesterday and, those, one at a time.

As the rains continue, the lakes get bigger, of course.  The one in our meadow all but blends with the bay after a while, especially during high tides.  That lake behind the church gets bigger and bigger, eventually making it necessary for anyone heading for the SaniCan located behind the building to wear rubber boots.

Even now, the church lake has extended beyond the north fence of the churchyard and onto the Driscoll and Wachsmuth properties.  In fact, there has been quite a bit of standing water right in the forms that were built for Tucker and Carol’s new addition – not from the lake, but just from the constant downpour we’ve been experiencing.  So, I was surprised yesterday when the cement truck showed up to pour the foundation.

“Cement cures just fine under water,” laughed Mike Nichols, Mason Extraordinaire!  Good to know…


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