Behind the Scenes

Nov 3, 2012 | 0 comments


  • 1 wicker laundry basket… Check!
  • Laundry…  Check!
  • 1 100-year-old single-shot .22… Check!


When you are involved in a theatrical production about long-ago times and you happen to live in a house full of the detritus of four or five generations, it seems to follow as night follows day that your residence will become the Props Department.

  • 1 vintage sou’wester… Check!
  • 1 Hudson’s Bay blanket…  Check!
  • 1 pair steel-rimmed spectacles…  Check!

It is a situation that sneaks up on you – at least it did with us.  At each rehearsal of “Shoalwater Shenanigans” last year there seemed to be another request from the director or from one of the cast members.

  • 1 celluloid collar… Check!
  • 1 black top hat…  Check!
  • 1 old-looking Bible… Check!

And at each “Does anybody have…?” we found that we did and we dutifully answered in the affirmative.

  • 1 turn-of-the-century sheaf of sheet music…  Check!
  • 1 black string tie…  Check!
  • 1 pair black elbow-length gloves…  Check!

The requests came a few at a time and it didn’t seem difficult to schlep the things back and forth across the street to the church which was the rehearsal hall as well as the performance venue.  It never occurred to us to keep a list, just like it never occurred to us that the props would be needed again in a year’s time.

  • 1 straw boater… Check!
  • 1 long white apron… Check!

What else was there?  How in the world are we going to get all of these things through the rain and into the Fort Columbia Theater for rehearsal today?  Will we be able to keep track of everything throughout the next several weeks with rehearsals and performances in two locations?

The upside is that we have plenty to distract us from worry about whether or not we know our lines…


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