It ain’t easy being the CFW*

May 15, 2021 | 0 comments

Headed for the Welcome Mat and Treats from Farmer Nyel

*CFW — Chicken Farmer’s Wife

Last night’s announcement by me:”I don’t think we should let our chickens Free Range for a while.”

Last night’s response by Farmer Nyel: “What!!!  Don’t be silly.”  Which coming from my husband-of-few-words meant “End of Discussion.”

It all came about as I was getting ready for our Friday Night Gathering — which mostly entails making sure there is ice in the bucket, booze in the bar, coasters and cocktail napkins on the coffee table.  But these days, it also means checking out the porch for the dirt from pecking in the flower pots and for assorted unwanted hazards  — as in chickens’ calling cards.  I had just finished sweeping off the porch, shaking out the welcome mat, and getting rid of the calling cards left by the girls as they wait patiently for the Farmer to bring them treats.

Evidence of a Chicken Visit to the Porch

“It’s our own fault,” the Farmer continued.  “They’ve trained us well.  If they wait long enough by the door they know that one of us will eventually bring meal worms.  Meanwhile… shit happens.”

“Yes!” is my somewhat surly and petulant response.  “And guess who gets to clean it up!”

I don’t think I half appreciated what my long suffering husband did “behind the scenes” in the BW (Before Wheelchair) years.  I’m ashamed of my selfishness (but still annoyed at those chickens) and am shortly on my way to let them out of their coop to free range for yet another day.

And P.S.  Little Red Hen was right on the threshold demanding her share of treats.  She seems to be almost recovered from her mystery ailment.  YAY!


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