Time and Tide and the Oysterville Regatta

May 14, 2021 | 4 comments

2017 Regatta Invitation

Most of us know that time and tide wait for no man.  Those of us who live a stone’s throw from the banks of Willapa Bay probably know it as well as anyone and so it stands to reason that Tucker would consult the Friday Nighters about which Saturday in August would be best for the Annual Oysterville Regatta.  It is an event that is almost totally dependent upon time and tides.

There are, of course, certain non-negotiable prerequisites.  The regatta needs to be in the afternoon (for the wind), on a Saturday (for optimum participation), preferably in August. In addition, the tide must be high enough to launch the boats from the moorage at the foot of Clay Street.

2015 Regatta Invitation

As it turned out, the decision wasn’t as easy as one would suppose.  It wasn’t a matter of “just consulting the tide tables” because, would you believe… the tide tables were not in agreement with one another!   So, Tucker did a little research — actually went to the Port at Nahcotta and did some measuring and calculating and tonight brought his findings to the group.

When presented with all the facts and possible alternatives, we decided that Saturday, August 21st will be perfect!  High tide is shortly after 2:00 so Tucker says that immediately following the Skipper’s Meeting at high noon, they’ll head for the bay and get their boats in the water asap.  A little earlier than former years and all of us spectators are more than ready.  Out came our cell phones so we could mark the date!

Tucker’s 2016 Regatta Invitation

Anticipation is running high, already.  After all, when that airhorn blasts out the start of the 2021 Oysterville Regatta, it will have been two full years since the last one.  And not only are we overdue — we can’t remember which number this is.  Calling it the umpty-umpth, while close to accurate, feels a bit bogus.  Tonight, though, we spectators agreed that we are more than ready!  We hope the sailors are, as well!  And if not, they have two full months plus seven days to prepare — which the chickens and I imagine means talking to their boats and spiffing up their outfits.  The rest, as we are often told, is a crap shoot.


  1. Al Rider

    I am new to this part of the world, but am a sailor (currently without boat). Please tell me where would be an ideal place to position myself to watch the regatta on Aug. 21?

    • sydney

      Anywhere along the bayfront in Oysterville would be great. Usually “the crowd” gathers at the east end of Clay Street.

  2. Olaf Sorenson

    Will there be a 2022 Oysterville Regatta

    • sydney

      Fingers crossed!


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