About those crotchless panties…

May 16, 2021 | 0 comments

I indulged myself in the purchase of a few unmentionables not long ago — actually, these days, I think mentioning them might be old hat, so to speak.  Boy-cut underpants.  Very cute; very comfy.  But after the second or third wearing/washing, my favorite pair began to unravel — right at the crotch!

So far, there are no “break-throughs” so to speak and I am poised to discard them should the problem persist.  Meanwhile, however, I have to say that the situation has caused a few flights of fancy.  As in… are crotchless panties and thongs counterparts?  Do the manufacturers of the unmentionables without all the usual parts save those parts to be used for thongs.

Which brings up another sort of undergarment that I actually find a bit laughable,  And useless.  Though I’ve never had the pleasure.  The closest thong experience I’ve ever had is when I was a skinny little kid and my underwear would ride up in the back.  I think we called them “Indian panties” in those days — which is undoubtedly at the top of some politically incorrect list these days.

Which again makes me wonder.  How can the items on the Frederick’s of Hollywood site (and probably a gazillion others) pass muster when I see that friends on FaceBook have been taken down for the most innocent of word choices — apparently misunderstood by the watchers and censors.

Perhaps these unraveling ruminations of mine will be removed, as well.  It’s hard to tell what the rules are these days.  Where is quality control, anyway?  What are the standards?  Obviously, they are coming apart thread by thread.




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