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Feb 5, 2016 | 2 comments

Cupid, Diane Buttrell

Cupid, Diane Buttrell

Undoubtedly I overuse the word ‘fabulous’ but yesterday’s Oysterville Schoolhouse experience was FABULOUS! Notice I said ‘experience’ because the event went above and beyond. First and foremost, Kuzzin Kris Jones held the attention of a packed house and was kept afterwards with many questions by her enthusiastic listeners. For no logical reason, I was bursting with pride. What a life she has had! No, scratch that. Is having!

But there was another story unfolding yesterday as well. At the top of the program, before introducing Kris, Diane Buttrell quickly and breathlessly told us a bit about our friend Wayne Downing. In a whirlwind romance that began only weeks (six I think) ago at one of Diane and Hal’s “Read to Me” evenings, Wayne has won himself a bride!

The Groom, Wayne Downing

The Groom, Wayne Downing

Most of us know Wayne – if not personally, then from his column “An Old Dog’s Tale” in the Observer or as host of “In the Mood” on KMUN, our Coast Community public radio station. We’ve clapped for him in several of Sandra Nielson’s productions of “Shoalwater Shenanigans” (Wayne played Chief Carcowan as well as Henry Feister and Eldridge Higgins.) He is, in my opinion, one of the most loveable and huggable of men and I couldn’t be happier for him and for his bride Sharon.

Before they arrived at the schoolhouse, and for reasons I cannot yet reveal, Diane told us in a rush of their courtship story beginning with her own introduction to newcomer-to-the-Peninsula, Sharon, at church and of inviting her to the “Read to Me” evening. She told of Wayne and Sharon’s immediate attraction as evidenced by instant and total immersion in conversation and eye contact.

The Bride, Sharon Patterson

The Bride

The story even involved the couple being stuck in the elevator where Hal and Diane live. And then there was the day they met for lunch at the Full Circle and had to be asked to leave at 5:00 p.m. – closing time. Talk about smitten! They apparently set a wedding date, then decided they couldn’t wait and went over to the courthouse at South Bend and… voilà!

Sharon and Wayne arrived at the schoolhouse yesterday after Diane’s commentary and just in time to hear Kris.  They were glowing, smiling, and holding hands – all of which continued right through Kris’s talk. When I gave them my congratulations afterwards and teased a bit about not waiting, they both glowed even more and Wayne’s response was “Our loins were on fire!” A fabulous response… and pure Wayne!



  1. Debbie Twombly

    Wow!!! Wayne!!! I am so happy for you two…I was happy a few weeks ago when you told me what was making your eyes sparkle, but I had no idea you were that sparkly!!! Your loins were on fire!!! OMG….who else would come up with a quote like that. I am looking forward to meeting Sharon…Will there be a celebration for all of your radio pals?
    Debbie T.

  2. jim Roberts

    Congratulations to Wayne and Sharon! I am also a programmer at KMUN and just last evening, Saturday 2/6, hosted the 8-10 PM music program I call The 420 Club/Trippin’ With Jimmy. The first time I even went to the station was maybe about 5 years ago. We had recently moved here from Alaska and heard this amazingly different voice coming over the magic of radio. Told my wife, I must go meet this person so jumped on my motorcycle and putted down to Astoria on a Tuesday afternoon during his Wayne’s show. Hit it off immediately and he is one who suggested I try for programmer class next it was offered. Jumped on it and have been programming for over three years now. Love the fact that Wayne has found love again in this lifetime. He is a wonderful guy and although haven’t met his bride intuitively know she is the same. Go guys! Life is for the living! Rock on!


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