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Feb 6, 2016 | 4 comments

Quintessential Gordon

Gordon – A Friday Night Past

Our Friday Night gatherings have definitely taken on a life of their own – as in we never know the direction the discussions will take just as we never know who or how many might show up. Last night was no exception and, although our guests were all ‘regulars,’ the group was small and the particular combination of people was a tad different from the usual.

Nyel and began our “Friday Nights” almost twenty years ago when we moved into this big, people-friendly house. My mother and her six siblings grew up here and considered it ‘home’ all their lives. This house was a gathering point for the relatives and friends of several generations and I felt almost an obligation to share its ambience with family and friends.  And so we conceived the Friday Night plan.

Polly and Anne - Friday Night Past

Polly and Anne – Friday Night Past

At first, it was just a sort of ‘catch-up’ time for a few close friends and neighbors. We’d talk about the week just passed, share the latest local news (read: gossip), and hear about the exploits of children and grandchildren. We’d reminisce and lament and, mostly, laugh. We avoided the traditionally ‘taboo’ subjects of politics and religion and seldom got serious about anything.

Gradually, our group has expanded to include new friends and neighbors as well as new friends of friends. Sadly, too, our numbers have diminished to the extent that some of our old regulars have died or no longer drive at night or (hard to believe!) have moved away.   We never really know what combination of folks will arrive and every Friday Night is a surprise and delight.


Friday Night – The Latest

Even the no-name moniker as in “Are you still having Friday Night?” has apparently changed in some circles. I’ve heard our gatherings referred to as a “salon” (which seems way too erudite for the likes of me) and an “Open House” (which sounds like a come-one-come-all invitation which it is not) and even as a “Social” (which sounds like it should be clubby and involve ice cream which is not true either.)

So, each Friday Night takes on its own character depending upon the people who come and what their perceptions are. Oh, and did I say everyone brings snacks which also are perceived in different ways – mostly at appetizers but sometimes as dessert or even a culinary experiment.

Friday Night - Last

Friday Night – the Latest

Last night’s offerings included deviled eggs, barbecued pork, peanut butter filled pretzel puffs, and blue corn chips with homemade salsa. We served soft drinks; several guests brought wine. The topics under discussion ranged from quilting and knitting to copyright law, and from the current presidential race to the current status of Oysterville Sea Farms and the changing players among county officials. All-in-all, an evening more savory than sweet, but absolutely delicious in all the ways that matter.


  1. Stephanie Frieze

    Such a lovely tradition.

  2. Cate Gable

    Sorry I missed it. Next week for sure!

    • sydney

      Yes! I almost posted a photo of you and your guitar one Friday night a few years ago!


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