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Feb 4, 2016 | 3 comments


Community Historians — Networking

Talk about warm heart cockles! Mine were fairly melting after the Community Historian’s weekly gathering yesterday and this is why: hardly anyone left the room after ‘class’ was over.  In twos and threes, people stayed to visit. About history!

Some stayed to talk with the day’s speaker, Dr. Douglas Wilson who had been given rapt attention for his hour-and-a-half-long talk about Station Camp/Middle Village. Wilson, an archeologist with National Parks told about the process of establishing a park adjacent to St. Mary’s church along the river and how the project gradually changed character and expanded (or contracted) in scope each time a new, significant discovery was made.

Community Historians 2014

Community Historians 2014

All the former ‘graduates’ of Community Historian classes had been invited to attend, so this year’s class size of 18 was about doubled. (That’s according to Jim Sayce who had the presence of mind to do a head count; I was much too busy doing my own bit of networking.) Several people had brought ‘treasures’ to share – Tucker Wachsmuth, a very old huckleberry ‘comb’ and Jon Christian a beautifully hand-forged tool of indeterminate age and unknown use. I wish I’d taken pictures…

Others talked with one another about the progress they had or hadn’t made on their individual projects. They asked questions of the one another and shared newly discovered information, Some folks made plans to get-together to talk some more. It was “networking” at its finest – at least in my opinion!

More Networking, Community Historians 2016

More Networking, Community Historians 2016

I was enthralled with the amazing exchange of historic information about Pacific County! It embodied fully the Community Historian Project’s mission statement: “Sustaining a sense of place by teaching residents how to shape tell and retell community stories.” I felt honored to be a part of it all.


  1. Stephanie Frieze

    What a wonderful day!

  2. Pat Thomas

    Nice, Sydney.

  3. Bruce Jones

    Good one Sydney, piques the imagination.


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