Crowing About the Six-by-Six Auction

Nov 3, 2013 | 3 comments

Pat Fagerland

“Set Sail” by Patricia Fagerland

I love the Columbia Heritage Museum’s “Six-by-Six by the Sea Auction.”  Last night was the Fourth Annual and, judging by the attendance (mega!), I am in good company!  Bidding was brisk for both the silent and live portions of the event and, it seemed to me, that individual pieces of art went for more money this year than ever before.  That’s a good thing because it is the major fundraiser each year for the exhibition programs of the Columbia Pacific Heritage Museum.


“Raven Moon I” by Jean Nitzel

I’m never sure which part of the festivities I enjoy most.  Maybe it’s marveling over the creativity of the artists (so many of whom know) in transforming a six-inch-by-six-inch canvas into a distinctive original.  Maybe it’s seeing so many friends and acquaintences gathered together to support the arts and the museum.  Maybe it’s the adrenalin rush of the entire evening fueled, not only by being surrounded by so many pieces of creativity, but also by THE BEST buffet offerings in the Lower Columbia region!


“Raven Moon II” by Jean Nitzel

Last year we came home with a painting by Virginia Williams Jones.  This year, though we bid on several items, we came home only a little lighter of pocket, having contributed to the ceiling tile fund-raiser – buy a tile and sign the back of it; then you, too, can look down on everyone.  I have to confess that the “looking down” idea came laughingly from Nanci Main who is much taller than I.  My retort, of course, was that I thought I already did that.  And we laughed some more.

I was particularly taken with the number of crows that were among last night’s offerings. Of all the birds that frequent our Oysterville skies and trees and bushes and roadsides, I am most fond of the crows.  On our bay side of the Peninsula, they are far more common than the seagulls of the ocean side, and I love hearing their busy, raucous chatter.  Plus, I never cease to marvel at their cleverness.  I read recently that crows are now considered to be among the world’s most intelligent animals – for the size of their neocortex, right up there with chimpanzees and humans.  I don’t find that hard to believe.


“Not A Murder” by K, Gordon Schoewe

So, I was sorry to come home without a crow on a six-by-six canvas. Too, I coveted Gordon Schoewe’s signature bunny Ambrose standing in front of shelves filled with twenty-six toys – one beginning with each letter of the alphabet.  And then there was a gorgeous watercolor of a freighter and a tug boat by Noel Thomas plus a lovely, watery landscape by Paul Brent.  And so many more…  I hope the successful bidders are all crowing loudly this morning.  They certainly should be!


  1. Cate Gable

    I managed to snag, at a great price, a Nancy Campiche photo of sunrise on the Columbia . No crows though!

    • sydney

      I loved that one! Gorgeous clouds!

  2. Stephanie Frieze



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