Maggie’s Fabulous Cookbook!

Nov 2, 2013 | 4 comments

Maggie and the Cooks

Maggie and the Cooks

I do believe that the next best thing to writing a best-selling book is being associated with someone who has just written one.  Especially if the author is Maggie Stuckey and she makes you feel as though your small contribution to her cookbook is one of its most important aspects!  I think that’s how all six of us cooks felt yesterday at Maggie’s signing event at Adelaide’s in Ocean Park.  We were each serving samples from our own recipes that Maggie had included in her new book, Soup Night: Recipes for Creating Community Around a Pot of Soup.

As we were setting up earlier in the afternoon, Maggie had confided that her appearance on national TV last week (“In the Kitchen with David” on QVC) generated sales of 3,000 books in the first six minutes!  The book is already in its second printing and it has been out only a week or two.  She is aglow.  So were all the rest of us!  As I said, it’s right up there with having a best seller of your own!

Waiting for Maggie's Signature

Waiting for Maggie’s Signature

None of us thought (or had time) to do a head count but someone said afterwards that there may have been fifty or more people there at Adelaide’s to savor soups and salads and crab cakes – yes, the book includes more than soups, though they are definitely the center piece.  I made up my usual amount of lentil soup (called “Southwestern Lentil Soup” in the book) and all I can say is, it usually serves Nyel and me for a couple of weeks – say three big bowls every other dinner.  I served small (half a ladle) samples yesterday and at the end of the two hours, my soup pot was bare.

Even more to the point at a book signing, people were lined up waiting for Maggie’s signature, often with three or four books in their arms.  Many people also came around with books open to the cook’s page – page 125 at my station – so that we could sign, too. We had a chance to talk to folks about ingredients and special tricks that never get reflected in written recipes.  I had brought a package of linguica, the Portuguese sausage that I feel is essential to my recipe and I was glad I did.  Many folks didn’t know what it was – thought (just seeing the name) that it might be a pasta, like linguini.

Soup Night Cover

Maggie’s Book

Beforehand, Maggie talked a little about the purpose of the book and the process she went through in gathering the recipes.  She also pointed out that of all the geographic regions represented in the book (which cover pretty much all of the United States) our Peninsula  has the greatest number of recipes included in the book.  No surprise there!  You don’t have to be here long before you realize that we are all about food and good food at that.

I have no doubt that today’s signing from 1:00 to 3:00 at Time Enough Books in Ilwaco will be a repeat performance.  My next batch of “Southwestern Lentil Soup” is simmering as we speak…


  1. Nancy

    “Feelin’ right in the soup pot” here in Healdsburg…this week, curried butternut squash, last week chicken tortilla, both recipes that I have added and subtracted to and from until they please my somewhat jaded palate! Although I have vowed to not purchase another cookbook…..

  2. Greg

    I want this book in Oysterville Store!

  3. Cate Gable

    I can attest to the warmth of the crowd and the absolutely deliciousness of all the soups. Sydney brought a HUGE pot of lentil and linguisa soup and I think I got the last taste. Now we just need a soup group to get us through the winter.

  4. Skyler

    Your soup was so delicious and the event made me wish someone would start a soup night in Ilwaco. Someone who lives in a humble, not too fancy and intimidating house. But not me. I am not much a cook and more inclined to host people in the garden rather than in the house!


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