You probably can’t have too many toasters.

Jun 8, 2023 | 0 comments

The toaster stopped working a week or so ago.  It’s been threatening for a while now.  After all, it’s a 1950s model Toastmaster and it’s seen a lot of service in its time.  It joined the household when Nyel moved in back in the early 80s with all his worldly possessions (which, thankfully, were few.)

There were his cooking utensils — cast iron frying pans and several All-Clad pots and some carbon steel knives and, then, a gazillion tools, mostly old collectibles like froes and blacksmithing tools — but a lot of modern, more useful ones too.

He sold his furniture and other “big stuff” with his condo, fortunately, and then tucked himself into my 800-square foot house that Ossie Steiner and the Mack Brothers had just completed for me on the bay.  And the rest is history, as they say.

So, when the toaster died the other day I wondered when Tucker’s friend Dell might be up here again. If anyone can repair that toaster, Dell can.

Meanwhile, I’ve ordered a very simple  (and classic-looking) replacement with one great additional feature — wider slots to accommodate bagels.  Yay!  It arrives tonight and I still have four mini-bagels in my freezer given to me by Lynn and Michael Madigan, of Bowery Bagels in Portland!

The best of all possible worlds, I say!  Bring on the cream cheese (but you can hold the lox.)



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