Toaster Report: Part II

Jun 9, 2023 | 0 comments

Boxes for storage or for return?

A message in yesterday’s email said that my new toaster would arrive in the evening and, even though I had managed to toast those bagels perfectly in the oven, I was looking forward to an entirely new wide-slot toasting experience.  “But,” I said to myself, “I don’t think I’ll get rid of this old ToastMaster.  Not yet.”

So, I unplugged it and turned it upside down to open the crumb tray and give it a good clean-up before putting in the back-forty.  (In the back of my mind I could imagine Dell coming to visit Tucker this summer and just happening to mention that he hadn’t fixed an old toaster in quite a while…  )  It was during that little reverie that about a gazillion crumbs fell out of the toaster even before I had opened the crumb tray.

And, you know how inanimate things — or in this case semi-animate things — sometimes speak to you?  Well… I clearly heard that toaster say, “Plug me in!  I feel better now.”  So I did and… voila!  That lovely old toaster is up and running once again and I, of course, am very apologetic for my neglectful housewifery.

One Toaster or Two?

The new toaster arrived and with it, of course, a new dilemma.  Should I trust that the old one has had a reliable resurgence?  And, even if I do, should I keep the new one specifically for bagels and English muffins and as an emergency back-up?   Or should I be sensible and send the new one back?

Hmmm.  I have until July 8th to return the new one (said that email) so maybe I should wait a bit and see if the old ToastMaster is actually cured or is just teasing.  And maybe this “attack of the cheaps” that I’ve been experiencing since the replacement of our west chimney will abate by then.  Go up in smoke, as they say…  You probably can’t really go wrong with two toasters.


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