Why did our chickens cross the road?

Aug 1, 2011 | 1 comment

Three Eggs!

     Day before yesterday was our friend Owen’s seventh birthday.  He had a party and went to a Mariners’ game with his family – his choice of how to spend his day.  It was perfect!  The Mariners even won for him.  But what Owen really wanted for his birthday was a chicken.
     This is the second year in a row that Owen has requested a chicken to no avail.  He lives in Seattle and they could probably have a chicken or two except that the family lifestyle right now isn’t really conducive to chicken farming.  Owen seems to ‘get that’ but it doesn’t change his annual birthday wish list.
     Fortunately for Owen, he visits Oysterville periodically and, when he does, he takes charge of our chickens.  The moment he and his family rolled into town yesterday, Owen headed right for the coop.  We didn’t see him for quite some time.
     The chickens were ‘free ranging’ in the yard and, when Owen’s mom went to check up on him he said, rather breathlessly, “Mom!  Did you know that chickens can run really fast!”  A telling statement!
     Our chickens aren’t used to young boys and so it wasn’t too long after Owen’s big brother (“Ill be 10 in less than two months) joined him to toss a softball back and forth that someone announced “Chickens in the road!”
     Nyel to the rescue – as in have you ever tried to herd chickens?  My first thought was that a gate had been left open, but the boys had been careful about that.  The chickens had found a gap between fence and house and had lost no opportunity in wiggling through.  They were headed across Sandridge Road and there was no question as to why.
     Nyel has decided – rather wisely, I think – to keep the girls cooped up for the next few days while we have exuberant young boys about.  Meanwhile, we are considering how we might grant Owen his birthday wish next year.  After all, every boy should have a chicken!

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  1. Stephanie Frieze

    Seattle actually has a chickencoup tour. At the Proctor Farmer’s Market in Tacoma we saw a sweet little number to fit anywhere. Now if Ilwaco was as forward thinking as Seattle…


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