Where the deer and the antelope play…

Oct 7, 2023 | 0 comments

At Surfside, August 10, 2023 – by Tucker Wachsmuth (Could this be Limping Deer’s dad?)

Except there aren’t any antelope(s)* here in Oysterville and the current resident deer has a painful-looking limp so “play” may not be an option for her.  She (or he?) is small, maybe a yearling though it’s difficult to determine.  She walks slowly around the village, sticking to the verges when she can and usually not too far from the schoolhouse.  Perhaps her home territory is in the woods behind the school.

Yesterday I watched her limp east along School Street and turn north, continuing at the same slow, steady pace past Lina and Dave’s. It seemed to me that she was walking more easily than a few days past, and I wondered if walking is helpful to her. She seems very thin to me and her forelegs and ankles look as fragile as matchsticks. I don’t wonder that something has strained or cracked.  The other day I thought the trouble might be with her left hind leg, but today I couldn’t tell if she was even favoring one over another.  She was just walking oh- so-slowly!

The Little Deer’s Mom? — Eating pears in our yard a few years ago.

I had the fanciful thought that she hoped Lina and Dave would be home and would see her slow progress past their place. They are both great with animals and the idea flashed by that maybe the little deer knows that.  I’m not even sure if she has met them but, if she has, my fanciful thought might have some basis in reality.  After all, how many times have you encountered a situation where a wounded bird or animal  just seems to “know” that a human can help?

In any case, my heart goes out to her (or him) as it does to any animal that appears to be hurting.  They always seem so stoic and so brave.  Or maybe that’s just my human urge to have them see a professional and get help!  I do hope I haven’t simply imagined that this lovely little neighbor is doing better.  I hope to see her soon in my garden, eating the pears that the wind has scattered over the lawn especially for her!

*The dictionary tells me that ‘antelope’ is plural with or without an ‘s’ at the end so… your choice.


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