Fun! Fun! Fun! At the History Forum!

Oct 4, 2023 | 1 comment

Dayle Olson and History Forum Panelists: Sydney, Tucker Eric

It was such fun at the History Forum today despite two somewhat unexpected occurrences.  First of all, Dobby Wiegardt who was scheduled to speak about his grandfather was unable to attend due to illness so, his son Eric stepped in for him.  Fabulous!

The other unexpected (to me, anyway, occurrence was the Cell Phone Emergency Drill (or whatever it was) when everyone’s cell phones rang simultaneously.  I’m not sure what the point of that exercise is…  Climb a tree?  Jump into a bomb shelter? Listen for the drones and planes or melting icebergs?  Or, perhaps, just to be “content” in knowing that Big Brother is watching after us.  (Bag the word “after” though.)

Eric Wiegardt tells stories about his great-grandfather.

Dayle Olson served as our moderator today and I do wish she’d do it every time!  Smooth, thorough, setting just the right tone!  Thanks so much, Dayle!

Our day’s topic was “One By Land; Two By Sea.”  I talked about my great-grandfather’s trek across the plains with two yoke of oxen, six cows (four of which were dry), 4 hens, one rooster and a Conestoga wagon filled with all the necessities to begin life in Beulah Land —  from butter churn and rifles to water kegs, sacks of flour, apples, dried corn, potatoes and flitches of bacon.  And I prevailed upon my friend Miki Frace to demonstrate the art of kedging with me, she playing the role of Isaac Clark and I, R.H. Espy, as we “crossed the Columbia River in a flat-bottomed ship’s boat.”

Tucker Wachsmuth and Eric Wiegardt told the stories of their great-grandfathers who arrived on the West Coast of North America by sea.  Both travelled around the horn — 7 times for Tucker’s great grandfather! — both ended in San Francisco and both eventually arrived in Shoalwater Bay where they raised their families and made names for themselves in the oyster business.

Tucker Wachsmuth invites the audience “to sail on a clipper ship around the Horn.”

The audience was attentive, asked great questions and seemed genuinely interested in each speaker’s topic.  I do so hope that eventually we can trade places!  I’d so like to hear their stories and take my turn at the receiving end of these Forums!  Meanwhile,Michael Lemeshko again did a video recording — “maybe just in three parts instead of five this time,” he laughs.  “It’s a work in progress!”  It should be available online in a few days.  Stay tuned!  Information will be forthcoming…


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  1. Kristina Jones

    Dear Sydney, How I wish I could have attended this wonderful exercise in humanity! Can’t wait to receive the videos! Love from the Williams side! KK


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