When chickens are ankle deep in water….

Jan 28, 2020 | 0 comments

Where is Noah when we need him?  Especially the chickens.  Their run is awash with puddles and even if they elect to stay in the coop, thirst will drive them outside to their water trough eventually. That’s on purpose, of course, to keep the inside of the coop dry.  Chickens don’t get the concept “try not to spill.”

So, even though we haven’t yet had 40 days and 40 nights of downpour, our chickens will soon be in need of an ark.  The puddles are expanding to the point that there won’t be even a mud patch to serve as high ground.

Even a raft might help.  Although, I’m not sure which of them would make a good helmsman.  When I try to picture the rooster in that job, I see him at the back of the raft with all the ladies standing in front of him, beaks pointed for’ard. That randy rooster wouldn’t stay focused on his task for a minute!  All those pretty little tails with feathers whiffling in the wind?  Nope.  Not happening.

It would probably have to be one of the ladies at the tiller, but which one?  Surely not Slutvana or Snowhite.  They are much too independent with an every hen-for-herself attitude.  They could care less about the others getting a drink.  Maybe one of the red hens.  They are courageous and are the first under or over a fence if the  opportunity presents itself.  Perhaps they could even work together or take turns poling the raft across the Coop Run River..

Meanwhile, all the girls who venture forth have to wade through ankle-deep water water which, when you consider where their ankles are, is a very deep situation, indeed.  (Their knees are actually hidden by their feathers — like my knees were during the 1950s.)  But ankles or knees — it’s worrisome.  I wonder if enough exposure will encourage webbing between their toes..  I really hope it doesn’t come to that.



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