Magic Comes to Our House!

Jan 29, 2020 | 3 comments

“I have a present for you,” our neighbor Cyndy emailed.   “When would be a good time to come over?”

She arrived last evening at five o’clock and she left an hour and a half later with the smiling assurance that our lives would now be changed forever!  And we have every indication that she is correct!

The gift was a bright orange box labeled ROKU Premiere, but that wasn’t the half of it!  Within minutes, Cyndy was sitting tailor-fashion in front of our TV plugging wires into outlets and USB ports, directing me to go to my laptop and set up Netflix streaming (and cancel the two-disc-by-mail arrangement we’d had for years) and instructing us in how to use the remote.  Wow!

And that wasn’t all.  She enthused about “The Crown,” now in it’s fourth season and we agreed we’d probably like to start with that.  So, after recommending subtitles “for everything” (with which we of the old ears heartily concurred), she set that up, too!  And then, off home she went.  I felt like we’d had a visit from Glinda-the-Good-Witch or from Morgan le Fay, or any of the other legendary sorceresses that can, with the wave of a wand, change reality as we know it!

All of this was prompted, totally unwittingly I might point out, by a blog I wrote a short time ago about our lack of ability to “stream” because of our slow internet speed here in Oysterville.  Immediately, we heard from Tucker across the way and Peter and Linda up the street and Cyndy two houses north.  “We stream all the time!” was the gist of their messages.

Granted, our information came to us several (maybe five) years ago from our computer guru and obviously things have changed in the meantime.  I blame our aged condition in not being more aggressive about it all.  And I thank the fates, once again, for providing us with caring neighbors and, in particular a neighbor who can work magic before our very eyes.



  1. Valerie Harrison

    Would you please send her over to me in Surfside. I don’t know how to stream either.

  2. sandy stonebreaker

    So nice to have such a “fairy godmother” or more appropriately such a great friend!

  3. Sturges

    Hooray Cyndy! A great gift.


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