What I Did on My Summer Vacation!

Jun 29, 2016 | 1 comment

The Next Door Cows

The Neighbor’s Cows

I well remember those grammar school creative writing assignments that presented us with three disparate words and asked that we work them into a cohesive story.  Along those lines, my words for today are ‘cow,’ ‘snake,’ and ‘swan.’  The greater topic is ‘What I Did on My Summer Vacation’ – another familiar starting place for the beginning of those school years long ago.

Cousin Phil (who always identifies our relationship as “Kissing Cousins”) took us on a tour of the area near Melba where he and Deb have been living for nearly seven years.  Their place is fifteen minutes or so outside of town – three acres, on one of which a neighbor keeps four cows.  It’s an ‘everyone wins’ deal where the grass gets ‘mowed’ in exchange for irrigation and fence upkeep.  Right now there are two mama cows placidly munching while their calves frisk and cavort, apparently for the sole purpose of delighting onlookers.

Snake River

Snake River

First stop on our sightseeing tour was a vista point overlooking the Snake River.  The ribbon of water did, indeed, look like a long, winding snake below us – a thousand-foot drop that made my palms sweat even though I stood well back from the low barricade.  The Snake River Canyon, like a miniature Grand Canyon, provides a geologic timetable that is the delight of archaeologists and artists, alike.  Hard to believe that the placid looking water far below has managed to erode and reveal such a wondrous landscape.

Swan Falls Dam

Swan Falls Dam

Down at water level, we took a look at Swan Falls Dam – the oldest hydro-electric dam on the Snake River, still providing power to the nearby communities and farms.  We then visited Melba where many of its 500 citizens were putting up flags in preparation for their annual Fourth of July festivities.  On that day, 35,000 people will line the streets for the three-hour parade and…

But wait.  I’ve completed my assignment.  Had the word list included hearts and flowers, I could have talked about the Melba Cemetery and the extraordinarily fancy gravestones… but that’s an assignment for another day.

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  1. Caroline Miller

    I’ve traveled along the snake river. Some beautiful country. Impressed that you’ve already got your grammar school assignment done. Maybe you could “lend it to a youngster who could use it.


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