We were all on high alert but… no Mrs. C.

Nov 20, 2023 | 1 comment

Larry (and Nyel( 11-19-23

The chairs were filled with expectant guests.  The table was laden with delicious-looking pot-luck offerings.  And singer-songwriter Larry Murante sang two fabulous sets — the first filled with his own beloved songs including many from his four CDs — Patch of Sky (2016) · Point of Entry (2009) · Water’s Edge (2000) · Kiss Me One More Time (1994)

But it was during “The Ballad of Mrs. Crouch” that you could have heard a pin drop.  We were all waiting to see if she would respond even though Larry made a proper “fuss” over Sarah Crouch, asking me to tell the story of his first encounter (actually a non-encounter) with her.  She must have been properly pleased because she did not make herself known at all.  She remained silent and respectful throughout.

Larry and Me — But No Mrs. C.

During the second set, he told us a bit about his seven-piece James Taylor tribute band called “Taylor Made,” prompting me to take a look at what’s being said about Larry online.  Wow!!  “Larry’s music combines the best of raw talent and carefully honed technical skills. His 3-octave voice reflects some of the best pipes around, as well as years of formal training,” said one review.  And “Larry Murante has a well-earned reputation as one of the Northwest’s finest contemporary singer/songwriters. And he has the accolades and dozens of regional, national, and international awards to back it up, including:  Grand Prize, John Lennon Songwriting Contest; 1st Place, Wildflower Songwriting Contest, Richardson, Texas…” and on and on.

What with his burgeoning career, the pandemic, and a serious pause in sponsoring House-Concerts here, this is the first time Larry has been in Oysterville since 2015!  Hard to believe!  We’ve missed him and are so grateful that he found time to come back this weekend.  But, Larry… where was your harmonica?  I was so busy catching up, I forgot to ask.

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  1. Ralph D. Jeffords

    Cuzzin Sydney, I thought it appropriate to dig up a response I emailed you 22 oct 2021:

    Dear Cuzzin Sydney, I suppose I’m the farthest listener to Carol Newman’s “ARTS Live & Local” segment about Mrs. Crouch that just concluded. I enjoyed every minute! I’d never heard Larry Murante sing the Mrs. Crouch Ballad before and I was overwhelmed! You did a great job and thanks once again for the gracious words about my involvement. I laughed like hell when you blamed Carol’s technical audio problem on Mrs. Crouch!!!

    When I saw your blog yesterday I just let it pass as the FM broadcast seemed just local and out of reach. But today I thought, with today’s technology, could KMUN possibly be broadcasting online, too? So I googled around and discovered that there was a way to listen to KMUN on my PC. I shared how I did this to your blog, but I guess it was too late for you to post, what with your other activities, and preparing for the Mrs. Crouch Show. Love, Cuzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzin Ralph


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