I’ve never thought of myself as a screamer…

Nov 21, 2023 | 5 comments

… but then I don’t think I’ve ever had much occasion for screaming.  Thank goodness!  The other day, though, I startled myself with my unexpected reaction — twice! — to seeing a squirrel (maybe) run across my pantry and then, again, across the storage area next to our garage. The downside:  I think those unexpected screams startled me more than the critter.  The upside (possibly) is that he/she/it/they/ seem to be gone.

I’m not for certain-sure just what sort of varmint it was.  It didn’t run along on all fours, hugging the wall like mice are apt to do.  And it was WAY bigger than a mouse.  And it didn’t run hell-bent-for-election and sort of hunkered down like I think of rats moving when startled.  But it was as big as a rat and my impression was that it was fairly dark in color and had a fluffy tail.  The biggest give-away, though, was that it went lippety-lippety — sort of leaping along with a vertical-motion-on-fast-forward.

I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a squirrel run in a straight line.  Usually, there’s a tree nearby and they lippety-lip over and up as quick as a wink.  But, once I gathered my wits, I was pretty sure it was a small squirrel  — one more terrified of me (and my scream) than I was of her/him/it/them. I closed the doors behind me (in the direction of the main part of the house) and opened the store room door leading to the garage AND opened the garage door, too.  Then I called Tucker.

He, of course, was in the middle of a gathering at the schoolhouse (where I should have been but had completely forgotten…) but said he’d be over with a couple of live traps a little later.  We baited them with peanut butter and set one in the garage and one in the store room.  That was Saturday.  So far… no critters  Also so far, I knock on the doors before opening them (feeling a little demented as I do so.)  If someone is going go lippety-lippety, I prefer it done before I enter their territory.  Hearing myself scream is terrifying!


  1. Bill

    How wonderful! One of Gods little creatures to bring you pleasure and joy! ??

  2. Bill

    How wonderful! One of Gods little creatures to bring you pleasure and joy! ??

  3. Kim Abel

    Do you think it was a Douglas Squirrel?

    • sydney

      I haven’t a clue. It went by me in a flash and I only had an impression of a “dark” shape with a fluffy-ish tail and a rather bounding gait. So far, nothing in the live traps so I think that it found its way outside and is happily reunited with its family, We do have Douglas squirrels in the area, though. Why did you ask?


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