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Jul 15, 2013 | 1 comment

Killingsworth Family, 2013

Killingsworth Family Musicians

Yesterday’s ‘First-Ever-Vespers-Hootenanny’ at the church was a huge success.  The church was full-to-overflowing, literally.  People began gathering an hour beforehand; we brought in some extra folding chairs; it was standing room only.  Clearly, Pastor Adrienne Strehlow, Organist Sandy Nielson, and the Killingsworth Family Musicians (12 of them) were a winning combination!

And when the singing began, we could probably be heard clear to Leadbetter Point.  “Blowing in the Wind,” “Five Hundred Miles,” “Children Go Where I Send Thee” … there wasn’t a song that we didn’t know.  By ‘we’ of course, I mean the congregation – mostly (like most church congregations these days) men and women ‘of a certain age.’  These were the songs of ‘our day’ and, though Casey provided little song books, I doubt that many people needed them.

Hootenanny Vespers, July 2013

Hootenanny Vespers

We sang harmonies and parts.  We sang “Goodnight Irene” and “sang out love between our sisters and our brothers” all over Oysterville.   We laughed and even shed a tear or two.  The younger Killingsworths were amazed that we all knew the words and then the realization struck that they had learned the songs at their parents’ knees (literally) and most of us were their parents’ contemporaries.  Yes, indeed!  Our kind of music!

Afterwards, we had a potluck picnic in our garden for all the Vesper participants and some of Casey’s old postal patrons.  I hadn’t made any food assignments and there was a plethora of pasta salads and lots of yummy desserts.  Not that anyone noticed.  We were way too busy catching up with the Killingsworth family news and laughing.  Talking and laughing is always the order of the day with Casey and family!

Early Morning Afermath

Next Morning’s Aftermath

We all agreed that we “should do this more often” and that Vespers Hootenannies should become a “regular thing” each summer.  I would love that.  But, next time I’ll remember to bring in the garbage cans during the picnic clean-up.  Those raccoons who visited in the middle of the night needn’t be encouraged to attend ever again.  And I’m pretty sure they don’t know any of the words…

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  1. Jo

    I’m so sorry I missed the fun. The songs were a huge part of my teens. Regular Vespers Hootenannies would be marvelous. What fun!!


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