Too Much Fun in Oysterville

Dec 28, 2013 | 1 comment


Sunrise over Willapa Bay – a Linda Johnson Photo

This has been the best Christmas vacation ever!  And when you consider that we’re not even on vacation (unless you subscribe to the theory that retirement is a continuous holiday which I’m here to tell you is not true), it makes it even better.

Let’s begin with mornings.  We’ve had a run of outstanding sunrises which is not unusual at this time of year if it’s not full-out raining.  Lucky for us it has been cold and clear which are optimum conditions.  And even luckier, our friend Linda took some spectacular photos, one of which I borrowed (actually, took without prior permission as in stole) from her FaceBook page.  (In the vein of “you can give a man a fish…” I need her to show me her camera settings someday!)

Furthermore, each day has continued cold and clear since well before Christmas.  Yesterday we had just a little dash of rain in the late afternoon to remind us of our continuing good fortune.  This is the kind of weather that makes visitors want to move here and, according to stories we hear, they often do, only to live here for one complete year of ‘normal’ weather before admitting to a mistake and moving on…

Crab! A Gift from Bradley! (1)

Crab! A Gift from Bradley!

And speaking of visitors, the best part of this Christmas vacation – I’m avoiding that new, rather over-used term “staycation” but that, of course, is what it is – we’ve had wall-to-wall company.  Beginning with my son Charlie who stayed an unprecedented six days (yay!), we’ve had a parade of friends and relatives here.

Some have been our house guests – though they make us feel so well taken care of, it’s hard to know who’s hosting and who’s visiting.  An then there have been the friends who have stayed at the nearby Oysterville Guest House – the most wonderful addition to Oysterville since the Bardheim Barn blew down back in the eighties.  (And no, the two buildings are not related.  It’s just that each has a special place in the Oysterville-of-my-mind.)

Young Cuzzins

Young Cuzzins

We’ve been treated to meals, given gifts, shared in confidences and, all-in-all, treated like visiting royalty.  Except that we are the ones who live here!  Last night things culminated in a gathering of more ‘cuzzins’ than you could shake a stick at, some of whom stayed for soup and sandwiches after our usual Friday Night get-together with friends and neighbors.  More laughter, more stories, and three great kids to play with our wind-up toys!  If it’s possible to have too much fun, that’s what we had!  Right here in Oysterville!

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  1. Linda J

    I’m so glad you borrowed my photo…that was one stunning sunrise! I was sorry to leave on Thursday, and your blog only confirms I was right to feel that way. I’m sure there’ll be more satisfying days ahead, too, for all you Oystervilleans.


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