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Dec 29, 2013 | 1 comment

Espy Cuzzins 2013

Espy Cuzzins 2013

My dad used to say, “I wish I had a nickel for every photo that’s taken in front of the Oysterville Church.”  I couldn’t agree more!  But I’d even settle for the same amount for every Espy Family picture that has been taken anyplace in Oysterville.  There are dozens of them.  Maybe scores or hundreds.  And yesterday, we did it again!

“The Cuzzins” (third cousins, twice removed, and so-named by Cuzzin Ralph Jeffords) were all packed up and ready to head home after two days of family fun here at our house.  “Let’s get a picture of all of us,” said Cheryl and right at that moment along came Tucker on his bicycle.  “Want me to take that for you?” he asked.

Espy Cousins circa 1918

Espy Cousins circa 1918

As we stood there in front of the house, I flashed on how many family gatherings there had been here and how many groups of cousins had smiled at a camera.  We have boxes and albums of those photos – most from my mother’s childhood and later but some dating from before her time.  There are pictures and pictures and pictures – of family groups, of first cousins, of second cousins and, now, of third cousins.

Most of the photos, of course, are black and white.  And, it almost goes without saying, that few are labeled with names.  I still know or can figure out who most of the people are, but by the next generation those photos will be of the toss-out variety.  With my penchant for saving family history, that idea is totally abhorrent.  So, as time allows, I’ve been labeling and slapping them in albums.  Maybe… just maybe… that will help them to be saved for posterity.

Espy Cousins 1989

Espy Cousins 1989

But besides that, I enjoy looking at those old relatives – some actually in the ancestor category now.  I see where I got my sticky-out ears and who in the family was cursed with the ‘Espy Nose.’  I remember how we all talked and laughed and talked some more when we got together.  I remember being totally oblivious to any family tensions or strife, and wish that such naivite could have continued into adulthood.

Mostly, I love continuing the tradition of gathering here in Oysterville and culminating each visit with yet another photograph.  Hooray for the opportunities!

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  1. Carolline Miller

    Hi Sydney,

    Catching up on your holiday blogs. Looks like lots of fun in Osyterville. Enjoyed the photos and the pictures of food preparation. Staycations have their virtues.


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