Things just can’t go smoothly, can they???

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Arriving in Style!

The EMTs from the Ocean Park Fire Department met us here at the house yesterday and got Nyel inside with no muss, no fuss.  They decided that the easiest way was to use a gurney and it was slick.  The hospital bed had arrived ahead of time, as promised by Pacific Coast Medical Supply in Astoria, and Carol and Tucker (bless them!) had the room all set up and ready.  The Kiwanis had delivered a spiffy wheelchair and a commode the day before.  Ready!  Set!  Go!  (So to speak!)

And  for the next three months...

End of the Ride!

Meanwhile,that morning in Vancouver my computer screen had gone black.  Uh Oh.  When we got to Mike’s Computer on Sandridge I took a chance and whipped in there.  No Mike, but his daughter greeted me at the door and took the computer for him to look at.  This morning he called with the dreaded news:  “Your computer is crashing.”  He won’t know until Monday how much can be saved.

“When did you last back it up?” he asked.

And the next three months begin!

And the next three months begin!

“Maybe a month ago,”  I said in a very small voice.”

“I’ll do the best I can but sometimes I have to do a lot of grief counseling.”

So, the good news is, Nyel seems to be doing okay and is settling in for the long three months ahead.  Our friends have been fabulous — flowers cards, errands, and a little while ago dinner by Pat Fagerland (her mom’s meatball recipe plus the pasta, the salad, the bread — OMG!) delivered by Erik!  And I really think that outweighs the bad news, hands down!



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