“The vorpal blade went snicker-snack…”

Aug 23, 2013 | 1 comment

Boots and Sword

Si, back from the Clam Wars

We met three of the Red House Cousins on the road the other day – Grandma Beeg, with young Silas and Ginger, coming back from The Great Steamer Clam Hunt.  First came Beeg, striding forth toward home with a third-or-so bucket of clams.  Not far behind was Gin, her clams resting comfortably in an old teakettle half filled with bay water.  Last of all came Si.

No clams in hand, but there was no doubt that he had been in the thick of the fray – mud everywhere, a boot in each hand, and a shiny sword, as well!  I doubt that there was a clam in the area that felt safe with Si on the warpath.

“They ‘look for’ the clams with their toes,” Beeg reported.  “They got plenty for lunch!”   But first they were all headed home to pick up their bikes and ride to the store to collect on Grandma’s promise of a licorice whip if they were successful on the hunt.

Clams in a Teakettle

Ginger in Pink Pearls with Clams

Once again, I was awed and a bit envious of my Red House Cousins.  Ever since I can remember them – and that goes back to the days when Beeg was a little girl – they have always jumped into Oysterville with both feet.  They go blackberry picking; they go horseback riding; they go on scavenger hunts.  They swim and play the piano in the church and come visiting the chickens.  (I’m talking about the present-day Hook branch of the family, here.  Not necessarily the other branches.)

This week they are painting up their old rowboat – blue on the outside, yellow on the inside, with orange seats, I think Mom Abby told me.  If it’s ready to launch by Saturday, they will no doubt be watching the Annual Oysterville Regatta from the watery sidelines.

It’s all so reminiscent of the 1950s when Beeg’s folks, Barbara and Bronk Williams vacationed here with their kids in tow. Always a flurry of activity.  Even when it rained (which we all agree was seldom) there were board games and charades and clothes for playing dress-up.  I was college age – too old for the kid stuff, too young to bond with the adults.  Just the right age to be full of admiration.  Still am.

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  1. Jo

    Love Ginger in her pearls for clamming! Both children look like they have had a fun time.


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