..and the bridesmaid wore purple…

Aug 22, 2013 | 2 comments

Bride and Bridesmaid After the Ceremony

Bride and Bridesmaid after the Ceremony

After twelve years of living in single blessedness, together, our friends Betsy and Mark were married in their garden yesterday.   According to late breaking news, Betsy’s only attendant was Maisie, their resident Shih Tzu/Jack Russell terrier.  She wore a purple flower in her collar.

There were a few other folks there, of course.  Betsy’s brother-in-law pastor, Tobias, was out from Kansas to do the honors and Mark’s friend-from-school-days took photographs.  And, beyond that, my personal knowledge is limited to the dinner party for several dozen friends and loved ones that convened at six o’clock on their deck.

Moonrise Over Willapa Bay, August 21, 2013

Moonrise Over Willapa Bay August 21, 2013

Even Betsy, organizer extraordinaire of museum exhibits and art displays, could not have orchestrated the weather or aligned the stars more perfectly.  We sat at a looong table out on their deck, facing the bay.  We watched the gillnetters out setting their nets and marveled at the reflected sunset on the outgoing tide.  And then the moon – a blue moon – came up.  Bit by bit, the huge tangerine orb snuck up and over the Willapa Hills, getting smaller and turning golden as it climbed.  Magical!

Mark and Betsy and the Wedding Cake

Mr. and Mrs. and Cake

The food was to-die-for and we probably weren’t the only ones to overdo in that arena.  Catered from the Indian restaurant in Astoria, it featured fabulous appetizers followed by the mildest of curries and other delicacies whose names I wish I had memorized.  (Each dish was thoughtfully labeled and those of us without allergy concerns piled our plates high with a little of each!  Names, like flavors, all blended together.)  And then came the wedding cake – chocolate with raspberry filling and a frosting well beyond traditional cream cheese – and carrot cake cupcakes for those who preferred.

The Groom

The Groom


We did a lot of visiting and laughing and giving advice about where the newlyweds should go on their honeymoon – an event that isn’t in the immediate plans, they said.  I couldn’t help wonder why anyone would want to go anywhere else for any reason whatsoever, even for a honeymoon.  I can’t imagine anything topping Betsy and Mark’s Wedding Supper Overlooking Willapa Bay by Moonlight!  Perfection


  1. Nancy

    ‘Til now, I have had a list of favorite blogs that began with hen house happenings. This one jumped to the top of the list! Written in a way that allowed me to “be there” if only in my active imagination.

  2. Betsy

    I’m so glad that you and Nyle were here. It was indeed special. I concur – there is no where more beautiful!


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