The sun is here… but where is Spring?

Apr 12, 2024 | 0 comments

Pots at the Ready

Today marks the third Friday in a row that the Garden Girls have sadly said, “Not yet!” to my query about doing some spring flower planting.  “The ground is still frosty in the morning,” they said.  “Maybe next week.”

Hanging Baskets All In A Row

I feel like a kid waiting for Christmas and I have no doubt that the seeds and bulbs feel exactly the same way.  But,  I also know they’re wanting to snuggle down into a bed of warm, inviting soil wouldn’t like their new roots crying out and curling up with cold toes.  So, in the hope that next week will be “All Systems Go,” the Garden Girls readied the geranium pots on the porch for the baby plants waiting in a nearby greenhouse, and refurbished the soil amd  fuchsias in the hanging baskets.  Fingers crossed that they wintered over successfully in the garage tucked near the protective custody of the winterized canon.

I don’t remember a spring that I’ve felt so impatient to GET GOING!  And yet… I just finished laying a fire for the Friday Nighters.  Sunny it is but definitely cold around the edges!  And, truth to tell, I was glad the Garden Girls agreed about the temperature.  I sometimes wonder if it’s just my age creaking up on me…  Not this time, apparently.


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