Filled to Overflowing for Carolyn and Family

Apr 13, 2024 | 2 comments

Carolyn Cummings Glenn 1947-2024

Someone said that there were people from all over the United States and from foreign countries, as well.  I don’t doubt it.  The Sanctuary at St. Peter Episcopal Church was filled to capacity — people I knew from all aspects and times of my life here on the Peninsula and a good many more I did not know.  All of us, though, shared a common bond — a relationship with the late Carolyn Glenn and her remarkable family.   For me… a friendship of long-standing with Carolyn, the teacher of her two oldest children, a client of her attorney husband, sometimes adviser to her book needs when Nyel and I owned the bookstore, and most recently, the delighted “hostess” when she came visiting my terminally ill husband here and in the hospital in Seattle and always with a half dozen bars of the darkest chocolate she could find — his favorites!

April 13, 2024

At the reception following the service — held at the Cranberry Museum’s Reception Hall — many people took turns at the microphone to tell their own Carolyn stories. Guy Sr. began with they met.  Rex Ziak told of seeking her help with his Lewis and Clark Centennial concerns;  Many, many others told of her traits of warmth and determination, of tenacity and perseverance in all of the tasks she undertook. But what will stay with me forever were the descriptions by her family of her final months.

In their Family Remembrances, her sons Guy, Jr. and Tucker both spoke openly about her rapid onset Alzheimer’s. And at the reception, Guy Sr. too, spoke of Carolyn — from their first meeting to their last times together. He told of their 53 years  — every bit of it precious and every bit of it “us”  he said.  Whether or not she knew at the end, Guy made clear, they were still “us.”

I imagine many  who were there today will be thinking and talking of that farewell for a long time to come.  Such a tribute to Carolyn and such a wonderful gift to the rest of us — the gift of seeing a family’s acceptance of what is while finding the deeper meaning to sustain them as they go forward.  If it’s possible to be uplifted while engulfed in sorrow, I do think that is how many of us felt.  I’m so glad I was there.


  1. Nanci main

    This is so well written Sydney(of course)!
    So many faces and memories of our community were there weaving memories as we shared the reception tables together. The devotion of her family and friends was both beautiful
    And inspirational as they shared.
    When I think of Carolyn I go to her warm smile immediately. It invited you in and opened your heart. She will be missed.

    • Sydney Stevens

      Yes! She always made you feel special! Special people like Carolyn have a way of doing that I think!


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