The Home Stretch

Mar 15, 2019 | 5 comments

Daffodils on Bay Avenue

What a difference a day makes!

Bright and early yesterday morning, after eleven days away from home, I headed for the beach to take care of a few necessities on the Homefront.  Like finally receiving delivery of our new, back-ordered-for-three-months stove and keeping an appointment or two of my own.  Nyel had given me a list of things to do and get for him, as well, and besides all that… we both felt that I had done all I could to get his care situation turned around.  It’s not that we had given up hope exactly… but we felt it might be time to let some dust settle on the hospital front.

My drive was uneventful weather and traffic-wise.  Until the home stretch!  I had stopped for a moment at the Ocean Park Library to pick up a book waiting for Nyel and then headed east on Bay Avenue, curious to see if Tom Downer’s daffodils were up and blooming.  Were they ever!  Hundreds of cheerful yellow blossoms filled the verge from Eric’s gallery to the Charles Nelson House at the corner of Bay and Sandridge.  Talk about a glorious welcome back to the beach!  OMG!

Better Than The Yellow Brick Road!

I arrived home about noon-thirty and called Nyel to see how it was going!  He hadn’t sounded so cheerful since my birthday night before TBH (The Broken Hip.)  Apparently, no sooner had I left but “everybody and his brother” – hospitalist, cardiologist, the orthopedic team, his current nurse, etc. etc. – crowded into his room.  No one called it the “Care Team Conference” (that we had been advocating for since Monday) but, that was what it seemed to be.  Everyone weighed into his progress, pro and con, and what the next steps should be!   YAY!

The decision was made to get him onto oral diuretics so he can be transferred to a rehab situation – maybe as early as today!!!  No sooner had they left than Nyel got a couple of phone calls – one from his cardiologist’s assistant in Seattle saying that his doctor was again offering to oversee his recovery (the heart aspects) long distance and, hard on the heels of that, a call from our Primary Caregiver in Ilwaco who said he would be comfortable working with the cardiologist and managing things from this end.  So… it looks as though Nyel might still wind up in rehab at the Ocean Beach Hospital in Ilwaco!  Double Yay!

The Rose City Mixed Quartet

About that time, the Rose City Mixed Quartet arrived to serenade Nyel (!!!) and the Physical Therapist who happened to be working with him right then (and who also belongs to a singing group in Portland) joined in on the madrigal “Paul and His Chickens.”  (Nyel said, “She later told me that it had been the BEST day of her entire working career!”)

When I checked back with Nyel in the evening, he said that the day just kept getting better and better.  Sue and Bill stopped by in the afternoon and stayed for a couple of hours.  “You have to share that chocolate,” I told him.  “How did you know they brought some?” he laughed.  “I know Sue and Bill…” was my response.

Waiting for Farmer Nyel

We realize that things can change in a trice, but we are both feeling so much more hopeful now than we were twenty-four hours ago.  “What do you think caused all the turn-arounds with the St. V’s people?” I asked Nyel.  “I haven’t a clue,” was his response.  As usual, they didn’t explain themselves and Nyel didn’t feel he had much part of the decision-making process.  But… that entire concern is moot for the moment.  I’m heading back to Portland and hope to return with the ever-patient patient before too many more clucks and cock-a-doodle-dos from Farmer Nyel’s flock.

Oh yes… the stove couldn’t be installed yesterday – they brought the wrong connecting parts…  But even that didn’t mar the joyous thought that things are finally turning around for Nyel.  And did I say that neighbors Carol and Tucker had me over for the best dinner I’ve had in since February 28th?  It really was a day to hold in my heart!


  1. Pat

    Wow! Wow! Wow! Way to go all, and for whatever reason. I hope the momentum continues and he gets back to home territory soon. Spring forward!

  2. Marion

    Your blog sounded more optimistic as things seem to be moving along much better with the care team conference and word from Nyel’s cardiologist in Seattle. I loved it that you were greeted with the beautiful yellow daffodils blooming everywhere & a nice dinner at Carol and Tucker’s. A good omen!

  3. Susan Holway

    Hi you all. Glad to hear that it is beginning to feel more like the home stretch. Many good wishes from many friends and neighbors are still being sent y our way. Let’s face it: Carol W. is the angel of Oysterville. How nice of her. Both she and hubby have been a god-send, for sure. I went to this hospital– it is very modern and good doctors but boy, are they ever busy. Some call it the factory. But it seems to be the one they send people from the Beach and Naselle, too, in emergency situations. Many can sympathize with your writings about it. The rooster is happy with the nice weather. Meanwhile the small gold/rusty eagle is being chased by my cat, of all things. I don’t know if it is their game or the cat is too sure of herself to know he could eat her up. Otherwise, the sun rises, the mail comes and goes, daffodils are braving it along with camellias and Todd’s steady gardening and Friday nights are not the same. Corage, ma petite!It sounds like you are on the healing end of things. Best to Nyel and You , Sue

    • sydney

      Hi Sue!
      Thanks so much for your words of encouragement! We are now “home” — me in Oysterville and Nyel in the Swing-Bed Facility at Ocean Beach Hospital under the care of Steve Bellinger and his UW cardiologist for his heart issues and, of course, with their therapy group for his physical therapy to get him to a point when he can come back to Oysterrville! Yay!
      I love hearing about your cat and the eagle!! There’s another Oysterville story in the making!! What a feisty kitty!
      I’m sure I’ll see you before too long — on the road or at the P.O. for sure!
      Your Oldest Next Door Neighbor,

  4. Pat

    You’re home! Congratulations. The change of locale ought to do you both worlds of good.


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