OBH even had Nyel’s dinner waiting!

Mar 16, 2019 | 5 comments

Nyel’s Dinner

Dorothy had it SO right!  There is no place like home!!  When we finally rolled into the Ocean Beach Hospital in Ilwaco about 6:30 last night, Nyel had been “pre-admitted” (he only had to sign the paperwork) and they had kept his dinner warm for him!

Not that he had much appetite.  That’s been one of the sure signs that he is not a well man.  In thirty-five years, I’ve never known Nyel to willingly skip a meal but he’s passed on a number of them in the last few weeks.  He confided to me last night that he absolutely wasn’t hungry but he made a valiant try at eating out of sheer gratefulness.  He was, at last, on home territory!  People were greeting him by name!  Care by people who know him and truly want the best for HIM, What a concept!

The dinner menu was tilapia and Brussel sprouts – both of which Nyel really likes under ordinary circumstances.  He took a few bites, but he is still “up to here” in the feeling-full department – a direct result of his congestive heart failure.  He looks forward to improvement soon.  After all, food is one of the few pleasures open to him at the present time.  Plus, he knows he’ll have some hard work ahead in the physical therapy department and he’ll need nourishment and energy to help him through!

Nyel Tucks In

I drove home feeling better than I had for days.  Even his discharge form St. Vincent’s seemed to be a total cockup!  He had called me at eleven and said, “I’m outta here!  They are getting my discharge papers ready.”  I was at the designated pick-up spot by two.  Three or four phone calls and an hour and a half later, they finally wheeled him out to our car.  Apparently, the slowdown was due to Erica-the-nurse-of-the-moment.  “What was the problem?”  I wondered.  “I’m not sure.  She just seemed to have one speed… slow.”

It wouldn’t have mattered a twit except that Ocean Beach Hospital had asked that he arrive before the shift-change at 7:00.  We made it… but not by much.  I wouldn’t even be mentioning this last frustration except that it seemed the final irony.  Even getting Nyel discharged was difficult.  Well, never mind!  Onward and Upward!  I can’t wait to tell the chickens that Farmer Nyel is almost back home!


  1. Caroline

    Even though your are father away from Portland, my home base, it’s wonderful to know the two of you are home.

  2. Marion

    Such good news Sydney! Yay, at home at last!

  3. Kristina Jones

    Best news of the week!!! Congratulations to all and Welcome Home, Nyel!!!

  4. Cuzzin Ralph

    Nyel’s dinner reminds me of a food story (supposedly true!) that I remember hearing when I was a freshman in 1967-8 at the UDub (also Nyel’s alma mater) living in the men’s dorm Terry Hall. Terry Hall had its own cafeteria so it was just the male residents who ate there. I recall the cafeteria was one big rectangular room with at least a 15 foot ceiling. Well, anyway, the year before the cafeteria staff decided to get cutesy with one of the dinner meals: the menu was Brussels sprouts, baby beets, new potatoes and Swedish meatballs. Can you guess?—of course, it was one big food fight that night! As I understand, after they cleaned up the cafeteria they had to completely repaint the whole room! Glad to see you’re almost home, Nyel!

  5. Mary

    The sun came out over Longview as you drove by! Welcome home!


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