The Colors in My Garden

Apr 18, 2024 | 2 comments

Spring is moving right along, at least according to my garden.  The camellias are about finished blooming but the hyacinths are in all their glory.  I just l0ve their cheerful blue border all around the house.  They say blue stands for commitment and tranquility.  I’m not sure exactly how that applies to a garden border but I must say that those lovely little hyacinths bloom with commitment year after year.  The tranquility part — probably not so much.  Not  when you consider that they like to spread throughout the flower beds with wild abandon.  I think of them as busy rather than tranquil.

Of all the 99 rhododendrons my dad planted back in the early 1970s, only three are in full bloom right now — three separate plants but only two varieties.  All are white and I do wish I knew their names.  They are so lush looking, though white usually signifies purity and I’m not quite sure that lushness and purity could be synonyms.    I guess it’s one of those “open to interpretation” things.

Next on the garden’s agenda will be “The Honourable Jean Marie de Montague” rhododendrons, less formally known at the Jean Maries.  They were my father’s favorites and, for that reason they are my favorites, too.  They are red! red! red! and usually begin to bloom on his birthday, May 12th.  This year he would have been 114, though he only made it to 82.  I miss him every time I look at the garden or even around the house, for that matter.  He had an eye for lovely things — flowers and crystal and paintings and ornaments of any sort.  I often wonder if he’d have followed an artistic path had he had the opportunity.  Perhaps Charlie’s ability comes at least in part from him.

But… I digress.  I finally feel like Spring is here, thanks to the sunshine and flowers and somewhat warmer temperatures.  Hooray!  It wasn’t an especially hard Winter, but it did seem long.  I hope Spring seems even longer!!


  1. Vivian wattum

    Good to read about your garden and it is lovely. After being gone for the winter ive come home to garden weeding big time. I cant serm to get down for hours to weed like i did years ago, but i havent found anyone to do it yet. I will stop over and see you soon.

    • Sydney Stevens

      It would be lovely to see you, Vivian! Where were you this winter?


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