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Apr 19, 2024 | 2 comments

“Sydney of Oysterville”

In the great web-land of SydneyofOysterville a quiet but (to me) complicated changeover will be taking place this weekend.  This blog, The Oysterville Daybook will be getting a bit of a new look with some added attractions, as well.  As in, you will be able to search on any word on any blog and you will be directed to all other blogs with that word.  I love that idea, yet it’s a bit terrifying, too, because past misconceptions (of mine) and mistakes of all sorts are likely to come to the surface.  If you happen upon an inconsistency or something peculiar from a past Daybook entry, I hope you’ll let me know so that I can correct the record!  And I’m praying I can look upon this as an opportunity and not a curse.  It’s sort of scary when every reader becomes a potential editor!

Sydney, Ready for Summer 1940

Meanwhile, however, my new WebManager will be busy behind the scenes doing magical things and then the World Wide Web, itself, needs to coordinate with the new SydneyofOysterville.  All of that could take as long  72 hours —  so I am taking a Blog Break until Tuesday, April 23, 2024.  I’m hoping that will also give me time for a tutorial or two  on how to proceed from “backstage.”

Basically the “new, improved” SydneyofOysterville will have three parts. The first to introduce me (which if you know me at all, you can probably skip.)  The second and most important part is my blog, The Oysterville Daybook, where we can interact to some extent through your comments and my responses. And, third, is a listing of all my books — in print and out — with descriptions and information about where to get them if you are interested.  And that’s it.  There is no froo-frah, though there are historic photos throughout — to give a little “flavor” and because I love them.  And there’s a moving portrait show!  Woot! Woot!

Oh yes… I am told that you can access the new blog using whatever method you’ve been using — through Facebook or directly from my website!  See you Tuesday!



  1. Betty Kennedy

    I’m so glad to hear this! Looking forward to reading it.
    I’ve always felt meeting you was a gift. Now I will be able to see (maybe) what formed you into a beautiful person.

    • Sydney Stevens

      Hi Betty! I don’t know if my new website will be enlighteniing or not. I do think it’s a bit simpler — easier to read. As fpr ,y beomg a
      beautifull person” — now that’s a new one! Do let me know what you “lern” from my new site. loool


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