Springtime in January

Jan 2, 2020 | 1 comment

Camellia In Bloom, December 2015

Last year at this time, the camellias on the east and south sides of the house were already in flower as they had been for several Januaries before that.  This has been a new wrinkle garden-wise.  For at least the forty years prior, those camellias had always bloomed within a few days of my birthday on February 28th.  December and January were way early.

Rhodies Ready To Pop (Maybe Rosamundi)

This year, however, it seems as though the camellias are back to normal — still in tight bud at the beginning of January.  This, in spite of the mild autumn and winter (so far) weather we’ve enjoyed.  On the other hand, we have rhododendrons on both the south and north fence lines in bloom.

I took a look at the American Rhododendron Society (Northwest Chapter) online and found a 2012 blog about early bloomers, but only two mentioned for January.  Both are hybrids but neither description nor photograph matches the ones in our yard. There are probably dozens of possibilities and it will take more research  to find out their identities. I have a dim memory that the ones in the south garden maybe called “Rosamundi.”  Maybe we need a field trip to  the Rhododendron Species Botanical Garden in Federal Way.  Their website says they are open and blooming!

Rhodies in Bloom

Or, even better, next time we see our rhodie expert friends Steve and John, we’ll ask if they know.  A year or so ago they weren’t sure but, by now, maybe…  And, anyway, do we really care about the names?  Just enjoying blossoms in January is the fabulous part.


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  1. Berntza Kristina Jones

    Beloved Cuz, I am wondering if your blooming rhodies are the same variety that are found on the Oregon Coast from Florence to the southern border. They sure look the same! hmmmm…. more research necessary. My house in Eugene is loaded with buds, but no, not even one, blossom. Today is Keith L. Jones (Bruce, Kash and my father; Gin’s husband) 110th birthday. I think he would be pleased to be remembered as a fine if somewhat mythic Dad who passed away in the year 1984… Orwell knew a lot! Keep us informed please re: your rhodies, hens, garden activity and writing. We Love To Read About Your Life and Activities! KK


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